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Zephyr es un Warframe muy versatil, hecho para la movilidad

Ella es el unico Warframe en resistir los efectos de la gravedad, causando que sus saltos sean mucho mas altos y su descenso mucho mas lento con un control mayor al de otros. This, paired with her above average speed, gives her an unprecedented ability to make the most of her environment. In conjunction with her abilities, she is able to find short cuts through maps and skip wall runs. Perhaps most usefully, she is able to access higher places than other frames, allowing her to provide cover fire for her fellow Tenno and Defense targets while avoiding damage.

Zephyr is in her element when she is not restricted vertically. Air superiority is her strength and on open maps with high/no ceilings she shines in combat. She is ideal for use in Interception missions, where teams tend to split up to focus on each point. She can move from point to point faster than most other Warframes and can defend them, capture them or revive teammates who were down on the point. On the ground, her agility allows her to avoid the line of fire and strike down enemies before they're able to get a bead on her.

She is also deceptively tough as her shields and health are above average, in spite of her low armor. Using Redirection, Vitality , and/or Vigor in combinations will have a larger effect on Zephyr than on some other Warframes. Furthermore, if Turbulence is utilized, Zephyr becomes immune to projectiles and has a high chance to dodge hitscan bullets. Ultimately, becoming one of the best defensive frames in solo.