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A blood-red variant of this devastating sniper rifle.

The Vulkar Wraith is the Fantasma variant of the Vulkar. This weapon can be sold for

Credits64‍ 7,500.


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • High damage.
  • Low recoil.
  • High zoom capabilities.
  • High status chance.
  • Good critical chance.
  • High ammo reserve.
  • Comes with a

Madurai Pol polarity.

  • High accuracy-shots will hit directly on the reticle nearly every shot.
  • Zooming in increases base damage by +5% at 2.5x zoom, +15% at 6x zoom or +20% at 12x zoom (stacks additively with base damage mods like Serration).
  • Staggers most enemies with every hit.
  • The second highest magazine size of all sniper rifle, behind Lanka.
  • Can use the Vulkar-exclusive Lasting Purity mod, heavily increasing its scoped-in damage.


  • Long reload time.
  • Slightly lower critical chance for a sniper rifle.
  • Rifle scope is ineffective in dark areas and at close range.
  • Inaccurate when fired from the hip, bullets may widely spread when fired.
  • Low damage, less effective against Armor.
  • Less effective against Flesh, due to its primary focus on  damage and dealing no  damage at all


  • Vulkar Fantasma, comparado a Vulkar:
    • Mayor daño base (250.0 vs 225.0)
    • Mayor cargador (8 balas vs 6 balas)
    • Polaridades diferentes (Madurai Pol vs Ninguna)


Credits64‍ 300,000 and

PrimeBucks‍450. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.


  • Requires only 2 shots to activate its Shot Combo Counter, giving it an immediate 1.5x total damage bonus on the first hit if Multishot mods like Split Chamber trigger a 2nd shot that also lands on the target.
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Patch History

Revisión 19.7.2
  • Lowered the Ammo pool of Vulkar Wraith in Conclave.

Actualización 19.6.0

  • Vulkar Wraith is now usable in Conclave!

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