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Handspring speeds up a Warframe's knock-down recovery rate.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +40% 6
1 +80% 7
2 +120% 8
3 +160% 9


  • Works with anything that would knock a player down.
  • This is very useful when you are swarmed and a Shockwave MOA, Bursa, Shield Lancer or Ancient Healer/Ancient Disruptor knocks you down. It's also useful against bosses that have a stomp attack, such as Jackal, Hyena Pack, and Ambulas.
  • This mod is particularly valuable when attempting to solo a mission, as knockdowns and the long period of helplessness they cause are one of the most common causes of death when you have no teammates to back you up.
  • Unranked Handspring speeds up the recovery animation without changing the animation (like Constitution).
    • If stacked with ranked Constitution, the recovery animation may change to the flip-up animation if the recovery time is short enough.
  • Maxed (and other ranks) Handspring speeds up the recovery animation by changing it to a flip-up animation.
  • The flip-up animation is similar, if not identical, to that of MOA's kick-up.
  • The animation depicted in the mod's picture is actually Back Handspring's animation.
  • Can be combined with Constitution for a total of +200% knockdown recovery (further testing is needed)



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