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Vaporizar allows Dethcube to periodically fire a powerful beam weapon at nearby foes.


Rank Range Damage Coste
0 2.3m 150 2
1 2.6m 300 3
2 3.0m 450 4
3 3.3m 600 5
4 3.6m 600 6
5 4.0m 600 7


  • Beam deals damage and stuns.
  • Has a 30-second cooldown.
  • Gives the Sentinel no experience for activating this ability.
  • This is capable of killing lower level enemies and damaging and stunning higher level enemies.


  • It is recommended to place this assassinating mod in a precept slot before Swift Deth so Dethcube will use it as often as possible.


  • The beam shares its color with the Dethcube's energy color. However, by default it will be orange, regardless of the skin's default color set.

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