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puede ser equipado en:

  • Dex Dakra*
  • Carniceros dobles
  • Carniceros dobles prisma
  • Ether dobles*
  • Espadas dobles de calor
  • Ichor dobles*
  • Kamas dobles
  • Kamas dobles prime
  • Raza dobles
  • Skanas dobles
  • Zoren dobles*
  • Nami Skyla

*comparte la misma polaridad con el arma.

Tigre arremolinado es un mod de guardia para espadas dobles. Its sweeping attacks specialize in dealing damage across multiple foes.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
Raking Flesh EEEE
Winding Claws* EE  Pause E125%6XE3XE2XE3X
Dancing Hunter* EE  HoldE125%EImpact2XEImpact
Northern Coil Hold E300%2X , Release
Trimming Flowers Slide + E
Red Soil In Air + E
Weightless Steel Wall Dash + E
Mirrored Spike Knockdowned Enemy + E1600%
Normal    All Targets   Slam/Ragdoll   Proc
  • PS4:     E  = Combops4circle   RMB  = R2
  • XBOX:  E  = B    RMB  = RTrigger


  • The third attack in Winding Claws is a frenzied flurry that deals 6 hits in rapid succession.
  • The final attack in Winding Claws counts as a Slam attack, triggering certain abilities such as Dual Heat Swords' Heat AoE.
  • Since the re-implementation of charge attacks in Update 18, if one holds down the attack button just before Winding Claws third attack's flurry finishes, the combo chain will not switch into Dancing Hunter anymore.
  • Dancing Hunter's 4th and 5th attack have a 100% chance to inflict

Invalid proc.

  • The final hit of Dancing Hunter has a strong chance to knock an enemy down.
  • After Dancing Hunter, tapping E  twice will produce Raking Flesh's 3rd and 4th attack.


  • The pause in Winding Claws is very brief; with Berserker, and one of the faster twin swords, it may be performed without intentionally pausing.
  • Dancing Hunter can be executed by holding E  slightly longer than normal for each melee attack.
  • Winding Claws' rapid fire attacks is ideal for quickly racking up Combo Counter hits to increase overall damage. The fast hits also make it ideal for weapons with high critical chance and damage like the Dual Ichor.
  • When using this stance with Twin Basolk and Dual Heat Swords, the last hit in Winding Claws will release a circle of flames and inflict

Invalid status on nearby enemies.

  • When equipped on the Dual Skana, the last hit in Winding Claws deals a large AoE attack that will fling enemies a significant distance away, even skyward.


  • One way to get Swirling Tiger is to fight against the Corpus in Invasions, where the larger numbers of Corpus Techs gives a higher chance of dropping the stance.
  • Elara, Jupiter provides a ceaseless stream of Corpus and is an ideal farming scenario.


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