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Algun misión de Sumergible en Urano

This rare metal is foreign to the Origin System and can only be found in asteroids that have made the long journey from other stars.

–-In-Game Description

Tellurium is a rare component, and is dropped by Archwing enemy units, or as an Alert reward. As of Plantilla:Ver, Tellurium can be acquired on Uranus.

Tellurium was added in Plantilla:Ver.

Blueprints Requiring Tellurium

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Tellurium
Blueprint Type Quantity
Amaru Chroma Helmet Alternative Helmet 2
Antiserum Injector Gear 2
Drac Chroma Helmet Alternative Helmet 2
Grattler Archwing Primary 5
Imperator Vandal Archwing Primary 10
Itzal Harness Component 2
Itzal Wings Component 2
Kaszas Archwing Melee 3
Kulstar Secondary Weapon 2
Landing Craft Foundry Segment Gear 2
Phaedra Archwing Primary 2
Ripkas Melee Weapon 2
Solstice Equinox Helmet Alternative Helmet 2
Nekros Prime Systems Component 3
Titania Systems Component 1


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64.png‍ 10 for 1 Tellurium.

–In-Game Description


  • As of Plantilla:Ver, Ophelia, Uranus is recommended to farm since it is an Archwing submersible mission where normal ground enemies can still drop Tellurium.


  • Tellurium (symbol: Te) is the 52nd element in the periodic table. Its in-game description alludes to the fact that Tellurium is believed to be more common in the universe than it is on Earth.
    • In real life, Tellurium is silver-white in color as opposed to red.
    • Some of the applications for Tellurium include Alloy Metallurgy, Semi-Conductors and Laser Optics. The latter may explain the Itzal's stealth mechanics and laser drones. 

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