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Metal Auger increases Punch Through for Rifles.


Rank Effect Cost
0 0.4 10
1 0.7 11
2 1.1 12
3 1.4 13
4 1.8 14
5 2.1 15
Body Units Punctured
Punch Through +0.4 +0.7 +1.1 +1.4 +1.8 +2.1
Humanoid 0 1 1-2 2 2-3 3
Quadruped 0 0 0-1 1 1 1-2

Data may differ due to width variances from dynamic posing.


  • This mod allows weapons to punch (penetrate) through targets and solid objects to the depth listed in meters.
  • Actual increments are at +0.35 per level, the numbers are rounded up, similar to the Dead Eye aura mod.
  • Can be combined with Shred for a maximum 3.3 Punch Through and +30% fire rate, or Primed Shred for a maximum 4.3 Punch Through and +55% fire rate. 
    • Although Shred is more efficient due to a lower cost, Metal Auger can be used where increasing the fire rate isn't a desired effect. 


  • Before Actualización 11.0, this mod used to provide Punch-through values of +0.1 per level.
  • An auger is a type of drill bit used to quickly bore through materials.

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