Corpus Techs are large crewmen in red suits and light orange visors wielding the Corpus-produced Supra. They have a dangerously powerful round which is only amplified with their high fire rate and short spin-up. They don't particularly have a lot of health compared to other heavy enemies, despite having over twice the health of a standard crewman at the same level. On the other hand, they will deploy Shield Ospreys to protect themselves and their fellow Corpus once their health is lowered enough, and can do so with a short cooldown time. They will often break out of stunning effects to deploy Ospreys instantly unless they are killed with haste.

With their Supra, they deal +10.71% bonus damage against a Warframe's armored health while mitigating 11.36% of their armor, but -13.79% reduced damage to a Warframe's shields. This means they deal more damage to player health than shields up until 96 armor, which is above the 65 base armor of most Warframes. As a result, they are relatively more dangerous to exposed player health than to their shields.

Even though they seem to have an armor helmet like other Corpus, the Tech's helmet doesn't seem to have any armor protection, therefore headshots make for a quick and simple solution. 


  • Corpus Tech tactics are similar to those of Grineer Heavy Gunners, meaning these units won't find cover like the regular Corpus Crewmen. Instead, they attack continuously as long as their targets are in range.
  • Armed with the Supra, a single Tech is enough to kill even the strongest Tenno in seconds, as his Supra deals far more damage than the Heavy Gunner's Gorgon.
  • Shadow Techs, like all shadows, will target enemies behind walls and under floors instead of seeking them out or waiting for them to appear. This makes Shadow Techs more of a bullet sponge than a damage dealer.
  • When they appear as allies on Invasions and Infestation alerts, they can prove very helpful due to their high damage, decent health, and ability to deploy ospreys which can shield objectives and the player.


  • Techs under the effect of Mind Control or Chaos will deploy unaffected Shield Ospreys which will in turn be attacked.
  • Shadow Techs do not deploy Ospreys.
  • A Tech's suit can be seen in the Energy Lab within the Clan Dojo.
  • The Supra buff in Actualización 17.0 applied to Techs as well.


  • As of Actualización 10.4, their base experience is now 500. Previously, it was only 50.
  • As of Actualización 12.0, their helmets have a yellow design painted on.
  • The Shield Ospreys the Tech deploys can spawn as Eximus variants.

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