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The Survival Weekend Event will be held from Friday, Aug. 30 @ 12pm EDT to Tuesday, Sept. 3 @ 12PM EDT.
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The Lotus is leading a group of Tenno called Alpha Team, to raid hidden valuable supply caches elsewhere in the sector and needs your help to provide support by distracting enemies.

As your enemies advance they will attempt to cut off life support to the sector by draining the ship’s oxygen supply by the second. Fear not, the Lotus will drop supplemental oxygen supplies to buy you time. Enemies also carry personal oxygen supplies that drop as you eliminate them and will help replenish the sector’s oxygen level.

Your objective is to activate oxygen capsules to maintain the sector’s oxygen levels for as long as possible. If oxygen levels expire before the first supply cache is raided-or all players die, the mission fails. After each successful raid of a supply cache by Alpha Team, the Lotus will distribute wealth in the form of mods, resources, credits and other valuable items. Enemies get progressively difficult the longer you survive. Fight your way through three tiers of enemies to obtain rewards, survive even longer to earn Leaderboard status.


These awards will be handed out after the event ends. More information on the Equilibrium mod and individual award tier requirements will be revealed on Friday.

  • Survive 5min: Participation Event Badge
  • Survive 10min: New Mod – Equilibrium
  • Survive 20min: New Weapon -- Strun Wraith
  • Gold Statue for first ranked Clans


  • Many say a 2 person Cell is better than 4 person Cell however there is no difference. It is merely an illusion caused by the fact that there are less people in-game to collect oxygen supplies thus more on the map at a time.
  • Your score at the end of the mission is the seconds you lasted, and your final score of the event is based on your highest time limit survived on one game.
  • Your final score is not added together each time you play. Your score is your best time.
  • Failure because of dying instead of running out of oxygen does not give you the rewards (ie drops, exp and mods) but your time DOES count.
  • The speed at which oxygen drains is not affected by the amount of team members or the amount of movement.
  • Lotus air supply drops restore 20% instantly, then a few extra % over time.
  • The amount of Lotus oxygen drops you get seems to be limited to 3-5 (please notify if you got more).
  • Enemy oxygen drops restore 3%.
  • Enemy drops will respawn if they fall off the map.
  • The survival alert is also a good way to farm up some extra resources,  as well as mods and experience.
  • At first you'll only face light infested, but after about 10 minutes you start seeing toxic ancients, then after a few more minutes you'll get ancient healers too and eventually you'll start getting disruptors too.
  • When you run out of oxygen the "mission complete" screen will come up, but enemies will still attack you, and may end up with you dying and the screen going black. Do NOT use a revive but instead wait until you are taken to the normal mission complete screen after a minute or two.
  • The first survival mission takes place on Cassini, which drops Plastids and Orokin Cells in large amounts.


  • The DE test players survived for 39 minutes and 7 seconds. This record was broken not even 1 hour after the launch of the event.

Survival Tips

  • A Nova and Trinity 2 person team can (assuming you have a good weapon and mod loadout and team compatability) Can survive the challenge for over 20 mins. 
  • Another tip is to stand in the middle of the main room, and let the enemy come to you, With a Nova using Molecular Prime, You should get a nice amount of kills, with Life Support dropping too. 
  • Save Lotus drops for when you really need them, as you only get a limited few. Use them when you go below 20% or so, as reaching and opening them takes some time.
  • Ember and Nova are very good damage frames, Vauban can be a good defense/crowd control frame to keep ancients at bay. Rhino is a good and efficient tank to deal with the ancients.
  • Both Energy Siphon and Rejuvenation are good aura mods (you will be facing numerous toxic ancients). The use of Infested Impedance is not recommed (you want the enemies to reach you as fast as possible, you need the oxygen drops). Enemy radar might be usefull if you experience enemies getting stuck a lot.
  • The use of ammo efficient weapons and/or bringing ammo boxes is recommended.
  • Fire elemental mods will deal 3X damage to infested.
  • Do NOT camp at the spawns. Enemies will be harder to kill, spawn less quicker and the drops will be much more spread out.
  • For the Infested, staying on boxes will allow for easier survival, but bring along a Rhino to stomp and collect resources.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to stick together, allowing for easier revival and oxygen collection.