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Suelo Sagrado
Santifica el suelo tras Oberon con fuego justiciero, infligiendo daño a cualquier enemigo que permanezca en las llamas.
Fuerza:25 / 50 / 75 / 100 (damage)
5% / 10% / 15% / 20% (armor buff)
Duración:10 / 15 / 17 / 20 s
Alcance:? / ? / ? / 11 m (length)
? / ? / ? / 4 m (width)

  • Oberon creates a ground-based zone of purifying flames in front of him ? / ? / ? / 4 meters in width and ? / ? / ? / 11 meters in length. Enemies touching the ground within the area of effect are dealt 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 x18px Radiation damage every half second over a duration of 10 / 15 / 17 / 20 seconds.
  • Allies touching the ground within the area of effect will gain +5% / +10% / +15% / +20% armor, will have all existing Status Effects removed, and will gain status effect immunity.
    • Allies must be grounded to gain the effect of these boons.
    • Armor buff is affected by Power Strength.
    • The percent armor buff is added to any percent buffs gained from equipped mods.
      • At max rank, With +110% armor from a maxed Steel Fiber, and +30% power strength from a maxed Intensify, Oberon will have a total of 150 × (1 + 1.1 + 0.2 × 1.3) = 354 armor while in the area of effect.
    • Status effect immunity applies to physical disabling effects such as knockdown and staggers.

Artículo principal: Hallowed Eruption

Hallowed Eruption {{#lsth:Hallowed Eruption|Stats}}

  • Enemies will traverse and fight through Hallowed Ground without any special attempts to evade its area of effect.
  • Narrow pathways such as doorways and halls are effective at forcing groups of enemies to cluster into Hallowed Ground.
  • Summoning multiple, overlapping layers of Hallowed Ground will deal the full combined damage over time to enemies.
    • Stacking layers in this fashion does not combine to an increased allied armor bonus.
  • Hallowed Ground is most efficiently used in areas where constant enemy and ally activity is expected over an extended period of time.
  • Incidentally, Hallowed Ground's status effect immunity can be used to pass through environmental traps unhindered, such as Grineer x18px Magnetic Sensor Bars and Corpus Laser Barriers.
    • Note however that activating these traps in Spy Missions will still trigger vault alarms.

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it. Hallowed Ground has a special quality in which Both Power Duration and Power Strength increase total damage.

  • Maximized Power Duration increases duration to 56.4 seconds.
    • Reduces length to 4 meters and width to 1 meters.
  • Maximized Power Efficiency reduces cost to 12.5 energy.
    • Reduces duration to 8 seconds.
  • Maximized Power Range increases length to 28 meters and width to 10 meters.
    • Reduces damage to 40 per tick and armor buff to 8%.
  • Maximized Power Strength increases damage to 299 per tick and armor buff to 59.8%.
    • Increases cost to 77.5 energy.
    • Reduces duration to 14.5 seconds.
  • Maximizing both Power Duration and Power Strength will result in 284 damage per tick over 50.9 seconds, while reducing length to 4 meters and width to 1 meter and increasing the cost to 77.5 energy.

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