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Savagery mod allows the Sunika Kubrow to overwhelm its prey with a powerful finisher attack.

This mod is unique to the Sunika Kubrow, and will be given to players upon incubating of a Sunika Kubrow.


Rank Finisher Damage Cost
0 +20% 0
1 +40% 1
2 +60% 2
3 +80% 3
4 +100% 4
5 +120% 5


  • Is identical to the Ferocity mod in function with the exception that if a Sunika doesn't kill it's target it will pin the enemy for a few seconds, while if a Sahasa doesn't kill it's target with Ferocity the Sahasa will be thrown to the ground and be vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • If it doesn't kill an enemy in one hit it will hold the enemy, dealing damage over time.


  • Enemies do not sync up for the finisher attacks. Enemies still take the damage and die then rag-doll to the floor like normal, while the Kubrow performs the finisher in the air.

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