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Sabotage Missions require players to reach an objective, and then destroy it before heading to extraction. The objective that needs to be destroyed differs depending on the mission's tileset.



On the majority of tilesets, players must find a reactor room, and destroy the reactor core. To destroy the reactor core, players will need to expose the reactor core by activating a control console, then proceed to destroy each of the cylinders sticking out of it. Missions taking place on Grineer Shipyards feature a slightly different reactor design, which has much larger cylinders on a stationary core.

The missions that require the destruction of the reactor core have a chance of triggering a five-minute Timed Extraction event upon completion via the overhead message "Core Integrity Compromised". The mission will fail if players do not extract within the time limit.

Grineer AsteroidEditar

If the mission takes place on a Grineer Asteroid, players will be tasked with finding and destroying a number of Drilling Machines scattered around the map. Up to 4 Drilling Machines can be found during a mission.

Bosque GrineerEditar

Players will be first tasked with finding a Toxin Mixer and destroying the Biocatalyst required for the creation of the Cicero Toxin. If the player has an Antitoxin in a Gear slot, they may put it into the Mixer at this stage, granting them an additional reward at the end of the mission depending on the potency of the antitoxin used. After this, they will proceed to sabotage the Toxin Injector poisoning the soil. Instead of destroying it directly using weapons, the Injector must be activated to enable its overdrive systems, which will initiate a countdown timer until its destruction. Players must then defend the Injector from enemies until this is complete. Antitoxins must be added to the Mixer before activating the Injector's overdrive, and using Antitoxins will extend the time needed to defend the Injector, with more potent antitoxins requiring more time.

Grineer SealabEditar

Artículo principal: Sealab Sabotage

Infested ShipEditar

Artículo principal: Hive Sabotage

Missions taking place onboard Infested Ships require players to destroy three Infested Hives, that are protected by five Infested Tumors each; these must be destroyed before the hive can be harmed. Each destruction of a hive will increase the Infested spawnrate as well as triggering an environmental hazard, depending on the type of Hive destroyed. The hazards range from Lowered Gravity, Laser Hazard, Turret Activation, Cryogenic Leakage,

Viral b Viral Clouds and

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Orokin SabotageEditar

Artículo principal: Orokin Sabotage

Orokin Sabotage takes place on Orokin Void and Orokin Derelict tilesets, where the objective is to close a Void portal allowing Corpus or Grineer troops entry into the Orokin structure. Closing the portal involves a mixture of Defense-style gameplay and Assassination where a special miniboss must be killed in the process.

Corpus Archwing SabotageEditar

Taking place on the Archwing Trench Run tileset, this mode sees players fly through a severely damaged Corpus Ship to destroy the reactor core. The reactor room has eight Auxiliary Power Cores that must be destroyed to expose the two larger Primary Power Cores that are the main objective. Deadly crisscrossing

Invalid beams activate whenever each auxiliary core is destroyed, making the area more hazardous.

Fomorian SabotageEditar

Artículo principal: Fomorian Sabotage

Fomorian Sabotage is a special Sabotage Alert variant that involves using Archwings to engage and destroy a Balor Fomorian before it reaches a Relay. Each Fomorian Sabotage mission has a timer displaying the time until it reaches the relay, along with a health counter showing the percent of health it has remaining.

In order to participate in a Fomorian Sabotage mission, a player must have an Archwing available, as well as a Fomorian Disruptor equipped in their Gear menu.

Reactor SabotageEditar

Artículo principal: Reactor Sabotage

Introduced in Update 18.5, this Sabotage variant replaces sabotage on the Grineer Galleon and Corpus Ship tilesets. In this mode, the player must sabotage the two coolant stations of the reactor before destroying the reactor itself.


Artículo principal: Deception

Formerly a mission type that phased out in Update: Specters of the Rail, this was changed into a Sabotage variant. This mission requires players to take a datamass to a terminal, upload it, and then escape to extraction.

Sabotage MissionsEditar

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Many kinds of Sabotage missions contain Resource Caches. For each cache collected, the squad will earn additional rewards depending on the kind of Sabotage mission. Like Spy Mission Vaults, these additional rewards will not be revealed until the mission is completed. On the mission completion screen, cache rewards will be marked with "Identified"

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  • After sabotaging a core in either the Corpus Ship or Grineer Galleon missions, the entire level can become noticeably darker owing to lights being shut down, presumably due to lack of power from the now-destroyed reactor. There is also a chance of fire hazards breaking out.
  • Getting all 3 caches in Reactor Sabotage missions has a small chance to potentially reward Nitain Extract, and a Xiphos part – one part available from each tier.


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Revisión 19.5.6
  • Fixed "Open 3 Caches during any Sabotage mission on Uranus" Neptune Junction task not completing.