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Rifle de Plasma

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Rifle de Plasma
Rifle de Plasma.png
Tipo de Arma Rifle
Tipo de Gatillo Auto
Ataques Normales

The Plasma Rifle is a unique energy weapon developed by the Corpus for use on standard MOAs and the Shockwave variant. It possesses low damage but a decent rate of fire with both increasing at higher levels. Fitted atop a MOA chassis, it can swivel a little more than 180 degrees in some cases without moving around. This is crucial to the MOA as it must stop moving in order to fire its plasma rifle.


  • Plasma Rifle is far weaker than a Crewman's Dera, with a comparative damage of approximately 1:4.
  • Shares similar characteristics to the Dera, the plasma rifle that Corpus Crewmen use, although the projectiles have a different sound when fired and the projectiles are slightly larger.
  • Shooting the rifle itself will deal 50% less damage to the MOA thus it is not recommended.
  • Shockwave MOAs tend to shoot their Plasma Rifles slower than the normal variants. 

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