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Shelter allows a Kubrow to create a Shield around its master while they revive fallen Allies.


Rank Shield Health Cost
0 +100 6
1 +150 7
2 +200 8
3 +250 9
4 +300 10
5 +350 11
6 +400 12
7 +450 13
8 +500 14
9 +550 15
10 +600 16


  • There is a ten-second cooldown period when the shield is destroyed.
  • Not effective against Infested.
  • Does not block AoE damage such as the attacks from Napalms or Bombards.
  • It is currently unknown whether the mod stacks with the Kubrow's shields, with the Link Shields mod, as its Sentinel counterpart Sanctuary does.


  • Shares the same appearance as Protect, only with a silver border instead of a golden one.

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