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Recuperar is a Kubrow exclusive mod that allows the Kubrow Chesa to retrieve items.

This mod is unique to the Chesa Kubrow, and will be given to players upon incubating a Chesa Kubrow.


Rank Range Cost
0 10m 0
1 12m 1
2 14m 2
3 16m 3
4 18m 4
5 18m 5


  • When out of combat, Retrieve will make the Chesa Kubrow collect items scattered on the field, such as Pickups and Mods in its mouth, before delivering them to the player. As of Revisión 18.4.7, all non-mod items will be given to the player instantly upon pickup.
  • Retrieve will make the Chesa Kubrow attack Storage Containers, breaking them open and allowing it to collect the drops inside. The Chesa Kubrow cannot open lockers however, though it will still collect items dropped from opened lockers.
  • The Chesa Kubrow can use Retrieve to pick up Plant Extracts and Ayatan Sculptures for its master.

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