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Prisma items are special, limited-edition items that feature a pearlescent bluish-green color scheme with cloud-like animated textures. Weapons given the Prisma treatment have enhanced stats over their original versions. The majority of Prisma items are sold exclusively by Baro Ki'Teer, available only for a limited time during his appearances, though other Prisma items may be sold via other means.

Prisma WeaponsEditar

Weapon Name Cost
Angstrum Prisma
Angstrum Prisma 210.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍457
Gorgon Prisma
Gorgon Prisma 100.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍610
Skana Prisma
Skana Prisma 175.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍510
Grakata Prisma
Grakata Prisma 100.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍610
Carniceros Dobles Prisma
Carniceros Dobles Prisma 200.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍490
Tetra Prisma
Tetra Prisma 50.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍400
Obex Prisma
Obex Prisma 175.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍500
Veritux Prisma
Veritux Prisma 150.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍550

Prisma CosmeticsEditar

Item Name Cost
Prisma Sigil 50.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍50
PrismaDinoSpikeScarf Prisma Yamako Syandana 250.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍400
Prisma Hecate Syandana 300.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍250
PrismaLiset Prisma Liset Skin 150.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍120
InsectShipPrismaSkin Prisma Mantis Skin 375.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍230
BlueSkyShipPrismaSkin Prisma Scimitar Skin 450.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍210
GyroscopeShipPrismaSkin Prisma Xiphos Skin 400.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍220
PrismaDaedalusChestPlate Prisma Daedalus Chest Plate 100.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍150
LeftPrismaDaedalusShinGuard Left Prisma Daedalus Shin Guard 75.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍65
RightPrismaDaedalusShinGuard Right Prisma Daedalus Shin Guard 75.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍65
LeftPrismaDaedalusShoulderGuard Left Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard 90.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍85
RightPrismaDaedalusShoulderGuard Right Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard 90.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍85
PrismaEdoChestPlate Prisma Edo Chest Plate 250.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍225
Left Prisma Edo Knee Plates 55.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍100
Right Prisma Edo Knee Plates 55.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍100
Left Prisma Edo Shoulder Plate 55.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍100
Right Prisma Edo Shoulder Plate 55.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍100
140px Prisma Excalibur Skin 150 Platinum64
140px Prisma Avalon Excalibur Helmet 75 Platinum64
140px Prisma Pendragon Excalibur Helmet 75 Platinum64
PrismaArrow Prisma Arrows 75.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍350
PrismaMechHead Prisma Mech Head Sentinel Mask 200.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍175
PrismaJetWings Prisma Jet Sentinel Wings 200.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍300
PrismaKoiTail Prisma Koi Sentinel Tail 200.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍200

Prisma Sentinels Editar

Sentinel Name Cost
Prisma Shade 300.000 Credits64 + PrimeBucks‍500


  • Unlike most Wraith and Vandal items, Prisma items can be completely recolored.
  • Although it may just be a bug, applying a model-swapping skin from Tennogen to a Prisma item can have unusual results with the new model – Confirmed for Skana and the Infested Skana.


  • Prisma items are often referred to as items that are specially treated using "Void-Hardened Prisma Crystals" to give them their luster, explaining Baro Ki'Teer's fascination with them.
  • The Prisma Excalibur Bundle consisting of the Prisma Excalibur Skin and the two Prisma helmets are the first Prisma items to be sold in the Market, rather than through Baro Ki'Teer.

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