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Para the Chroma augment, ve Afterburn.

Afterburner is an Elytron Augment Mod for Core Vent that allows any sort of

Invalid damage to ignite the fuel cloud for a given duration, dealing

Invalid damage to any enemy inside the cloud.


Rank Duration Damage Cost
0 6s 200 6
1 8s 300 7
2 10s 400 8
3 12s 500 9


  • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.[citación requerida]
  • Damage is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Detonating a cloud will also detonate all other clouds that were produced during the length of Core Vent's activation.
    • However, activating Core Vent a second time will require the new chain of clouds to be ignited separately. Thus, an ignited line can not ignite another line made by a separate Core vent use.
  • Each cloud can hit multiple times, thus stacking clouds in the same area can be used to create an area of denial at choke points.
    • Alternatively, activating Core Vent and flying around the local area can create a wall of explosions to weaken the enemy.


  • As a Client, weapons may not detonate the fuel clouds. Using Bloomer, however, will correctly detonate the clouds.

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