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Spare Parts gives the Sentinel a chance to drop rare items on death.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +7.5% 2
1 +15% 3
2 +22.5% 4
3 +30% 5
4 +37.5% 6
5 +45% 7


  • A Sentinel will only drop a resource once per mission. If the sentinel is revived along with the player, it will not drop resources should it be destroyed again.
  • A Sentinel will not drop a resource under the following circumstances;
    • If queued for a Regen. Since Regen only works once, the Sentinel will be able to drop a resource once it is destroyed a second time.
    • If the Sentinel dies through Self Destruct

Patch History

Specters of the Rail

Item linking is a popular pastime in many MMOs, and now you?ll be able to link items in Warframe?s chat by typing ?[? plus the name of the item you wish to link! Clicking the link will open a description of that item. We hope this will also help the [Flow] when trading your [Spare Parts]! Actualización 13.1

  • Updated the Spare Parts description to better describe the mod's functionality (Now says: "(%) Rare Item Drop Chance On Sentinel Death")

Actualización 10.0

  • Introduced

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