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Pelna Cade es un técnico habilidoso que se graduó con los hermanos Xol. Después de terminar sus servicios militares mantuvo una amistad cercana con la familia, actualmente él trabaja para ellos manteniendo a los robots bajo a su servicio en condiciones impecables.

Behavior Editar

  • Pelna Cade behaves similarly to a Scrambus , but with his Detron Swarmer and Lecta, and without Scrambus' specific helmet to disrupt powers.
  • He will occasionally deploying Slow orbs by throwing to any players in sight that tether and slow down any players' movement within radius 10m for ~12s during attack. Primarily to prevent any players to escape.
    • The further the player go away from it, the slower the player moves, but not slowing down if the player is get closer to it. The player can escape from it by moving fast or performing maneuvers such as bullet jumping or rolling away from them.
  • He can dodge if the player is aiming or targeting to him.