The Ojo de águila Mod increases the zoom of a rifle by 10% per rank up to a maximum of 40% at rank 3. Eagle Eye also increases the range at which Sentinels can shoot enemies if installed on a Sentinel Weapon.

Eagle Eye is usable in both PvE and PvP.


Rango Efecto Coste
0 +10% 4
1 +20% 5
2 +30% 6
3 +40% 7


  • The same visual effect (though not the effect on Sentinel weapons) can be achieved by decreasing the Field of View in the options.
  • Eagle Eye will increase Sentinels' target acquisition when installed on their weapons:
Sentinel Base Range Increased Range
Carrier 10 m 14 m
Dethcube 30 m 42 m
Diriga 70 m 70 m *
Djinn 60 m 70 m *
Helios 10 m 10 m *
Shade 10 m 14 m
Taxon 30 m 42 m
Wyrm 30 m 42 m

* See: Bugs Section.


  • Eagle Eye didn't have a polarity when it was first released.


  • Currently, the range bonus isn't applied to Diriga and Helios while only partly applied to Djinn (70 instead of 84 meters).

Historial de actualizacionesEditar

Actualización 12.6
  • Made weapon zoom mods (Eagle Eye and Hawk Eye) and melee range mods (Reach) increase Sentinel targeting range.

Actualización 8.0

  • Added.

See AlsoEditar

  • [[]], the Pistol counterpart of this mod.
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