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Nikana Dragón

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Nikana Dragón
Nikana Dragón.png
Ranura de Arma Melé
Tipo de Arma Nikana
Ataques Normales
Impacto b.pngImpacto 4.25
Cortante b.pngCortante 72.25
Multiplicador Crítico 2.0x
Ataques de Salto
Ataques de Suelo
Ataques Circulares
Ataques de Pared
Polaridad de Guardia V.png
Introducido Plantilla:Ver
Entrada del CÓDICE: Nikana DragónCodexbw.png
The Dragon Nikana is forged from ancient Tenno steel. This is a master's weapon, only the most worthy of Tenno may wield it.

The Dragon Nikana is a powerful katana of Tenno design, based off the Nikana. It was released in Plantilla:Ver.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64.png ‍ 5,000.

Requisitos de Manufactura
Argon Crystal

Tiempo: 12 h
Aclr: Platinum64.png 35
Precio del Mercado: Platinum64.png 275 Precio del Plano: Credits64.png 30,000

Players can obtain the blueprint in the marketplace for Credits64.png ‍ 30,000. Players may also buy the Dragon Nikana from the Market for Plantilla:Pc.


This weapon deals primarily x18px Slash damage.




  • Dragon Nikana compared to Nikana :
    • Higher base damage (85.0 vs. 45.0).
    • Higher critical chance (15.0% vs. 10.0%).
    • Slightly higher attack speed (1.0 vs. 0.917).
    • Higher status chance (15.0% vs. 10.0%).
  • Dragon Nikana compared to Nikana Prime :
    • Lower base damage (85.0 vs. 95.0).
    • Lower critical chance (15.0% vs. 20.0%).
    • Slightly lower attack speed (1.0 vs. 1.08).
    • Lower status chance (15.0% vs. 20.0%).
    • Greater block effectiveness (85.0% vs. 60.0%).



  • The default strikes of the Nikanas lash out quickly, but have noticeably longer delay before the next swing. This should be noted if you are particular about hit timing.
  • Before Plantilla:Ver, the Dragon Nikana appeared alongside the normal Nikana in the Market with the same name as the regular version, causing some confusion due to its superior stats despite looking like an identical weapon. This has been changed to reflect the Dragon Nikana being a separate weapon.
  • The Dragon Nikana was previously unlockable via Clan research, requiring the Nikana to the researched. Plantilla:Ver removed the Dragon Nikana from the Tenno Lab, and a conversion blueprint was made available in the Market to allow Nikana users to upgrade to the Dragon Nikana.


  • This weapon is the first of its kind to have an enhancement prefix of Dragon.
    • Though a Tenno weapon, "Dragon" is the second prefix, with "Dex" being the first, that doesn't follow the normal upgrade path, becoming Primes. Possibly due in part to the fact that neither are constructed with Orokin technology.
  • The Dragon Nikana's scabbard colors are customized from the Attachments tab, rather than the main Appearance tab colors.
    • The dangling strip by the scabbard is customized through the main Appearance tab, however.


Patch History


See also=

  • Nikana, the regular version of this weapon.
  • Nikana Prime, the prime version of the Nikana.
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