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The latest in Corpus Robotics. These Moas have been augmented with salvaged Orokin technology. Their focused beam attack is deadly. A Fusion Moa will deploy a support Drone when sufficiently damaged.

The Fusion MOA is a MOA variant that has been infused with Orokin technology and was first introduced in the Fusion MOA Event. Identified by its white, ornate armor the Fusion MOA is armed with a laser that deals 

Invalid damage and may occasionally proc, igniting its target. It also has the ability to deploy an Attack Drone once its health drops below 50%, providing additional fire. Coupled with its high health and shields, the Fusion MOA is effective in short-range combat.


  • As the MOA takes time to readjust its aim, the beam can be outrun, allowing players to get behind the MOA to attack it safely.
  • It is advised to destroy a Fusion MOA quickly once engaged, as to prevent it from launching its drone.
    • Players can also Disarm the MOA, preventing it from deploying its Attack Drone.



  • Fusion MOAs were added in 7.10 as part of the Weekend Extermination Event and were only found on Europa. After the event, Fusion MOAs became part of regular Corpus troops from 8 onwards, with Corrupted variants appearing in The Void as well.


<gallery type="slideshow" widths="600" position="center"> fusionmoacodex.png|Fusion Moa Codex 2013-11-28_00012.jpg|Fusion MOA Weakness FusionMOADE2.png FusionMOADE.png Codex1.png|Fusion MOA In The CODEX (Livestream 16) Fusion_Moa.jpg|Clearer image of the Fusion MOA without the beam. Fusion_drone.jpg|A Drone deployed by Fusion MOAs. Weekend_event.jpg|Banner for the Fusion MOA extermination event Fusion_drone_fire.jpg|A Drone firing. Fusion MOA group photo - by Tripfy.jpeg Warframe.x64 2013-11-22 11-19-36-286.jpg Fusion_Moa_fire.jpg U12 fusion moa.jpg|U12 Fusion moa, changed health to robotic. 2015-03-07_00003.jpg|Fusion MOA being created.

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