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MOA Cañón Eléctrico
MOA Cañón Eléctrico.png
Facción IconCorpusOn.pngCorpus
Planetas Venus
Tipo Stunner
Arma Railgun
Robótico 60
Perforación b.png+  Electricidad b.png++  Radiación b.png+  Cortante b.png-  Tóxico b.png-
Escudo 150
Impacto b.png++  Frío b.png++  Magnético b.png+++  Perforación b.png-  Radiación b.png-
Multiplicador Base Fanny Pack: 3.0x
Gun: 0.5x
Experiencia Base 100
Nivel Base 1
Escaneos del Códice 10
Botín Cargador falso
Cámara cargada

Railgun MOAs are a larger variant of the standard MOAs, they are colored blue and are rarer. They fire at a much slower rate, but their attacks cause significantly more damage and as of Plantilla:Ver knock players to the ground upon being hit by the shot. They must charge their weapon before firing and are vulnerable during this time. Their shots have little travel time, and can pierce walls and objects, including Frost's Snow Globe.

Utilizing either the Shock Absorbers (resist damage on knockdown) or Handspring and Constitution (faster knockdown recovery) or both can reduce the knockdown time and/or damage dealt while knocked down to minimize risk to players with low shields/armor/health.


  • Railgun MOAs are similar to their standard variant, but slightly more durable and they position themselves to a longer distance away from their targets.
  • As mentioned, Railgun MOAs take time before firing their railguns. Use this opportunity to destroy them.
  • All their shots cause short, disorienting stuns and even knockdown players in flight. If left unattended, large group of Railgun MOAs can easily dispatch heavily armored players.
  • Like its regulars, the Railgun MOA needs to stand stationary before it attempts to fire.
  • Railgun MOAs can engage their enemies behind cover once these enemies are spotted, as the railgun shots can pass through solid objects.


  • In Plantilla:Ver, the Railgun MOA could no longer shoot through a single Snow Globe, but as of Plantilla:Ver they can.
  • In an undocumented update, Railgun MOAs have been changed from firing a hitscan shot into a very fast slug.

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