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Facción IconInfestedOn.pngInfestados
Infestado 20
Cortante b.png+  Calor b.png+  Gas b.png+++  Radiación b.png‐‐  Viral b.png‐‐
Experiencia Base 35
Nivel Base 1
Escaneos del Códice 30
Entrada del CÓDICE: LarvaCodexbw.png
Overwhelms prey with sheer numbers.

Maggots are small Infested units that are spawned by Brood Mothers. While each individual Maggot is weak and easily killed, they are spawned in groups of four or more, and multiple Maggots can latch onto players to slowly drain shields and health while reducing their movement speed.


  • Latched Maggots can be removed and/or killed by performing a quick melee attack.
  • Latched Maggots can be removed by rolling.
    • Rolling deals damage against removed Maggots, and in fact it is possible to outright kill injured Maggots in this manner.
  • Due to their overall fragility they are killed by most attacks, but their small size and quick movement can make it difficult for players to target them. Use AoE attacks such as the ground slam of certain melee weapons, or abilities like ParalysisRhino Stomp or World On Fire to quickly dispatch Maggot swarms.
  • Jumping then ground slamming instantly detaches maggots and kills them.


  • Individual Maggots can be Mind Controlled, but will serve no major use to the player.
    • Maggots spawned by Mind Controlled Brood Mothers will be allied until the power wears off or the Brood Mother is killed, in which the Maggots will be hostile again.
    • Allied Maggots spawned or mind controlled can obtain shields through the use of Shield Ospreys either spawned as a specter or from allied ones supplied by Corpus during Infested Invasions.
  • If a Maggot survives a Paralysis attack, it can be executed.


  • The Maggot's model has been known to stretch, particularly at the legs. This is most likely due to Maggots not having a proper knockdown/jumping animation, using instead the stock animations used by other enemies which causes the limbs to move and stretch to where they would approximately be on a Charger/Kubrow.
  • This can also occur when stunned by Silence. Subsequently, silence will prevent maggots from latching onto the player unless they physically attempt to touch them.

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