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Latchers are small autonomous explosive balls deployed by Seekers that will chase a player in an attempt to latch onto them, then detonates. Latchers can be destroyed before they reach their target, but their small size and speed make them very difficult to shoot. If one is attempting to shoot a Latcher preemptively, the ideal situation would be to stand on a platform tall enough to avoid their jump height, as they occasionally stop moving when they cannot reach their target. If the Latcher latches onto you, you can get rid of it by rolling (Walking and pressing Shift).

Can be used as infinite energy sources with Trinity's Energy Vampire, as the ability does not deal any damage to them. The effect will stop if they latch onto a player, however.


  • When equipped with the Sentinel Helios, Helios will attempt to scan a Latcher, however, there is no Codex entry for a Latcher.
  • Although not particularly dangerous as they do only a small amount of damage even on high levels, they can stop shields from recharging for a brief moment and when trying to take cover to recharge them it can prove of a significant annoyance. They can also inflict and procs, dealing 1 damage per tick or reducing damage. Rolling will detach the Latcher safely.
  • Latchers are recognized as separate enemies from Seekers and Capture Targets, making the use of minimap mods such as Sensor enemigo and Radar enemigo difficult to predict whether actual enemies are attacking important allies such as Excavators and Defense objectives.


  • Its model is a miniature version of the Roller.
  • Clem has a Latcher attached to his back.