The Scattered Justice mod is a Weapon Augment Mod that adds multishot and Justice specifically for the Hek. It increases multishot by 50% and Justice by 0.25 per rank, at a maximum of 200% and 1 at rank 3, respectively.

While the Hek is the active weapon, Justice causes affinity gained by Hek to fill a special meter. Once 2,000 affinity is acquired, the weapon discharges a radial explosion dealing 1,000

Invalid damage to enemies around the player, restores 25% of maximum Health, and temporarily increases the maximum Armor by 25% of the Warframe's base Armor.


Rank Effect Justice Cost
0 50% 0.25 4
1 100% 0.5 5
2 150% 0.75 6
3 200% 1 7


  • This mod is acquired by attaining the rank of Protector with Steel Meridian, and spending

ReputationLargeBlack‍25,000 to purchase.


  • This mod alone will provide the Hek a total pellet count of 21. Combining this with Hell's Chamber will give the Hek a pellet count of 29 with a 40% chance to give 30.
  • Enemies staggered by the blast from the Justice proc are open to finisher moves similar to when enemies are affected by Valkyr's Paralysis.
  • While the regular Hek can be equipped with this mod, the Syndicate's Vaykor Hek cannot.

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