Isótopo Omega
Isótopo Omega
Tipo Rare
Ubicaciones Any planet with a Balor Fomorian

Produced by a Fomorian's power core, these particles only appear on or around planets where a Fomorian is present.

—In-Game Description

Omega Isotopes are a resource exclusive to planets where Balor Fomorians are present. Omega Isotopes drop as rare resources from enemies on any non-Archwing mission on any planet with an active Fomorian Sabotage alert.

Blueprints Requiring Omega Isotopes

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Fomorian Disruptor Equipment 4



  • As Omega Isotopes are resources dropped from enemies, missions with large numbers of enemy spawns like Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Interception and Excavation are ideal for farming them.
    • Some heavy units like Bombards may drop multiple Isotopes at once.
    • In addition, Nekros' Desecrate ability is useful in obtaining more chances at getting Omega Isotopes.
    • Seeing as Fomorian Disruptors require Cryotic to build, Excavation is recommended to farm both resources at the same time.
  • Since they are considered a resource, Resource Boosters and Resource Drop Chance Boosters can increase their drop rate and the amount received in every pickup.


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