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Investigator allows the Helios Sentinel to scan objects and enemies it encounters. This consumes Codex Scanner, or Synthesis Scanner charges.


Rank Range (m) Duration (s) Cost
0 +20m +5.0s 4
1 +26m +4.4s 5
2 +32m +3.8s 6
3 +38m +3.2s 7
4 +44m +2.6s 8
5 +50m +2.0s 9


  • Helios' scans will not give the player Simaris standing, even if Synthesis Scanner charges were used, however each scan will reward the player with affinity, like a normal Codex Scanner use would.
    • If one has a Sol-Battery Widget, these scans will not drain charges from the Synthesis Scanners, allowing for free scanning.
      • You must have a codex scanner or Synthesis Scanner equipped in your gear for Helios to use scan charges from; there is no warning if you go into a mission without any charges (Helios will just not scan anything).

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