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Heridas sangrientas is an uncommon Melee mod that increases Probabilidad de estado as the Melee Combo Counter increases.


Rango Status Chance Coste
0 +7.5% 4
1 +15% 5
2 +22.5% 6
3 +30% 7
4 +37.5% 8
5 +45% 9


  • Does not increase status chance without an active Combo Counter.
  • Unlike dual stat mods (like e.g. Castigo virulento), Weeping Wounds can increase status chance without introducing a new damage type into the mix.
    • This is especially useful for weapons that deal mostly damage. Slash procs deal (Finisher) damage over time and, unlike many other status effects like , Slash procs can stack without any limitation.
  • Weeping Wounds can often be significantly more powerful than a single dual stat mod in increasing pure status chance, if Body Count or Drifting Contact is used in conjunction.
  • While at 2.0x Combo Counter, can be stacked with Volcanic Edge, Voltaic Strike, Vicious Frost, and Castigo virulento, and Drifting Contact for a 722% increase in status chance. On weapons with at least 15% base status chance, this allows them to achieve a total value of 100%, allowing every strike to inflict procs.
  • Weeping Wounds does not work with Warframe ability weapons, which include Exalted Blade, Hysteria, and Primal Fury.


The formula for calculating the increased status chance reached by the mod is as follows:

Status Chance = Modded Status Chance × (1 + Weeping Wounds Multiplier × Combo Multiplier)

For example, a weapon with 20% base status chance, modded with maxed Drifting Contact (+40%) and Weeping Wounds, and with a Combo Counter of 2.5x would reach 0.20 × 1.4 × (1 + 0.45 × 2.5) = 59.5% chance to proc.

Weeping Wounds/Stat Calculation

Weeping Wounds/Stat Calculation/Equation

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