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Halieto Protector

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Halieto Protector
Facción IconCorpusOn.pngCorpus
Planetas Venus
Tipo Support
Arma Shield Projection
Robótico 35
Perforación b.png+  Electricidad b.png++  Radiación b.png+  Cortante b.png-  Tóxico b.png-
Escudo 50
Impacto b.png++  Frío b.png++  Magnético b.png+++  Perforación b.png-  Radiación b.png-
Experiencia Base 50
Nivel Base 1
Escaneos del Códice 20
Botín Fusion Core
Hawk Eye
Shotgun Spazz
Shock Absorbers

Shield Ospreys are small teal ospreys that project constantly regenerating shields over every nearby Corpus units in range including other Shield Ospreys. The shield cast over units is additive with their current shielding, and will instantly refill shields. Their presence will be apparent over groups of enemies outlined in blue, and can be located by electrical links that connect the Osprey to its targets.

Shield Ospreys are generally quite fragile and can be dispatched easily, and is the most common type of Osprey encountered.


  • Like other Ospreys, low level Shield Ospreys can be easily destroyed by the Amphis and Obex's jump attack.
  • Shield Ospreys from Nekros's Shadows Of The Dead will project shields around other clones, your team, Sentinels, and defense objectives/hostages, granting 200 shield when within 10 meters of an osprey; This amount cannot be increased by multiple ospreys.
    • Shield on allies and objectives will instantly recharge when connecting to the Osprey and the bonus shield will be applied instantly, allowing Nekros to cast Shadows Of The Dead more easily without personal harm.
  • Allied regular Shield Ospreys give off a general shield increase of 200 and instant recharges upon entering their range, similar to those of Shadow Shield Ospreys.
  • Mind Controlled Shield Osprey by Nyx will allow them to do the same as above, although it can be easily targeted and destroyed on its own.


  • Enemies shielded by the Ospreys become sources of radial damage for Mag's Shield Polarize.
  • A Guardian Eximus Specter is one of the offerings from Cephalon Suda at 5 for 2,500 reputation. It offers the same shield effects with a bonus of emitted occasional pulses which instantly recharge shielding. They are also armed with a laser rifle that fires gold bolts, similar to those wielded by Scavenger Drones
  • Shield Ospreys, like all Ospreys save Raptor, spills blood or a blood-like substance when shot at.  


  • Allied Shield Ospreys (or spawned by Specter form) will not add bonus shield to Sentinels, regardless of an obvious link (much like Grineer Heavy Units), although connecting with the beam will instantly recharge their shields.
  • Equinox's Rest will stop the movement of the Halieto Protector, but will not shut off the shield buff to nearby enemies.

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