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Haces Psíquicos
Nyx lanza un montón de haces de fuerza a los enemigos usando telequinesis para ajustar las rutas de vuelo y buscar objetivos cercanos.
Fuerza:60 / 120 / 180 / 200 (initial damage)
? / ? / ? / 15 (area damage)
3 / 4 / 5 / 6 (bolts)
Alcance:60 m (targeting range)

  • Nyx launches 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 bolts of telekinetic energy that seek out enemies, each dealing 60 / 120 / 180 / 200 damage with a 10% status chance on impact and ? / ? / ? / 15 damage with a 50% status chance in an area of effect.
    • All damage is affected by Power Strength and body-part multipliers.
    • status effect causes a Bleed DoT on the target that inflicts 35% of Psychic Bolt's base damage per tick for a total of 7 ticks over 6 seconds. The Bleed damage bypasses armor and shields.
    • status effect causes the affected enemy to attack the nearest unit and become targeted by their allies for 12 seconds.
    • Bolts bypass obstacles in the environment.
    • Psychic Bolts will not target enemies behind obstacles in the environment unless Nyx has line of sight, or unless the enemy is aware of Nyx within a short period of time (e.g., an enemy that spots Nyx and runs out of view can still be targeted by Psychic Bolts if the ability is used within a small time frame).
  • Targeted enemies will briefly radiate energy as a visual indicator, and an audio cue will be played.
  • Psychic Bolts is a one-handed action. As such, it can be used while performing various maneuvers and actions without interruption.

Haces pacificadores
Artículo principal: Haces pacificadores

Pacifying Bolts is a Warframe Augment Mod for Nyx that gives Psychic Bolts the ability to temporarily stun enemies. {{#lsth:Haces pacificadores|Stats}}

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