Rift Strike is a mod exclusive to the Basolk Gemelas that causes Charge Attacks to teleport the user directly in melee range of an enemy, provided the user is aiming at them before the charge attack is completed, and the user is standing within the mod's listed range.


Rank Distance Cost
0 5m 2
1 9m 3
2 13m 4
3 17m 5
4 21m 6
5 25m 7


  • These attacks do not gain a stealth damage bonus while invisible and striking from a distance. It is unknown if this is intended.
  • The mod suggests that the Rift Plane is being used to achieve the instantaneous travel to an enemy's location however it is strictly a teleportation mod.
    • The user is not granted any Rift effects or visuals for any part of the charge attack.
  • Reach does not increase the teleportation range.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Nyx's Assimilate augment to provide an alternative form of mobility.


  • This mod, along with the other Executioner mods, are the second set mods to feature non-generic enemies on the mod card, the first being Vengeful Revenant.

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