FuriaPrimitiva(H) FuriaPrimitiva(S)
Furia Primitiva
Invoca el bastón de hierro y desata la furia.

Energy Drain: 3 s-1

Fuerza:100 / 125 / 200 / 250
Alcance:2% / 5% / 10% / 20% (melee range bonus)

  • Wukong equips his legendary Iron Staff, a melee weapon whose reach lengthens by an additional 2% / 5% / 10% / 20% with each strike up to a maximum melee range bonus of 200%. Normal attacks inflict 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 base damage, and wall attacks inflict 167 / 208 / 333 / 417 base damage. Slide attacks inflict 214 / 267.5 / 428 / 535 base damage. Aerial attacks and slam attacks inflict 200 / 250 / 400 / 500 base damage, and slam attacks inflict an additional 150

Invalid damage with a 10% status chance within 3 meters. Attacks have a 200% critical damage multiplier with a 25% critical chance and a 25% status chance. Finally, the Iron Staff has 60% blocking effectiveness.

    • Base damage is distributed between 85%

Invalid damage and 15%,

Invalid damage.

    • Base damage is affected by Power Strength and the Melee Combo Counter.
    • Primal Fury is also affected by equipped melee mods including:
    • Radial damage from slam attacks diminishes with distance, does not have a critical chance, is not affected by the Melee Combo Counter, and will stagger enemies within range.
    • Ground finishers inflict 300% of the total modified damage from normal attacks. Prompted melee finishers inflict 2400% of the total modified damage from normal attacks as Finisher damage.
      • The damage composition of a ground finisher is the same as a modified normal attack.
      • The finisher multipliers for both attacks are affected by Finishing Touch.
    • Each attack adds to the Melee Combo Counter; however, radial damage from slam attacks does not.
    • Melee range bonus per strike is affected by Power Range, while the maximum melee range bonus is not.
    • Each hit on the Melee Combo Counter corresponds to the number of additive stacks from the melee range bonus (e.g., with five hits on the counter and a maxed Stretch, a rank-3 Primal Fury will have a melee range bonus of 0.20 × 5 × 1.45 = 145%). The melee range bonus will reset when the Melee Combo Counter resets.
      • The melee range bonus stacks additively with melee range mods (e.g., with a maxed Reach equipped on Wukong's melee weapon, five hits on the counter, and a maxed Stretch, a rank-3 Primal Fury will have an additional 0.20 × 5 × 1.45 + 0.6 = 205% melee range).
    • Wukong is unable to use any other weapon while Primal Fury is active but can use all other abilities.
  • Primal Fury drains 3 energy per second while active and will remain active until Wukong's energy is depleted, or the ability is deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 4 ).
  • While Primal Fury is active, blocking will reduce incoming frontal damage by 60%.
  • Primal Fury comes installed with its own unique stance. Additional combos will be unlocked as Primal Fury increases in rank.

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