Ranura de Arma Melee
Tipo de Arma Fist
Ataques Normales
Impacto bImpacto 24.5
Cortante bCortante 5.25
Multiplicador Crítico 2.0x
Ataques de Salto
Ataques de Suelo
Radio 3.0 metros
Ataques Circulares
Ataques de Pared
Polaridad de Guardia D
Armas de Usuarios Powerfist (single Furax)
Introducido Vanilla
Entrada del CÓDICE: FuraxCodexbw
Estos guantes de energía carecen de la gama de la mayoría de las armas cuerpo a cuerpo, pero Furax es mucho más devastador cuando se golpea a un enemigo en combate cuerpo a cuerpo.

Used by Grineer Powerfists, the Furax has a much more limited strike range that manifests as a simple close range thrust, making connecting with an attack slightly more difficult.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64 ‍ 5,000. It is also a Plantilla:Requisite Weapon for Knux.

Requisitos de Manufactura
Tiempo: 12 h
Aclr: Platinum64 35
Precio del Mercado: Platinum64 125 Precio del Plano: Credits64 15,000


This weapon deals primarily x18px Impact damage.



  • Very short range.



  • Jump attack direct hit deals 35 additional damage.
  • Ground Execution attack is a hard punch, followed by a flurry of up to 5 punches. However, damage is dealt only during the first hard punch, with the rest of the punches being purely animation.
  • The stealth attack animation with the Furax against Infested Chargers is a suplex wrestling move.


  • When using these remember that you must be really close and therefore expect yourself to be vulnerable to staggers, knockdowns and knockbacks.
  • Utilize rolling maneuvers to dart in and out from enemy melee range to deliver high-powered attacks.
  • Occasionally, you may find it hard to hit an enemy even if they are directly in front of you. This may be a small mesh problem associated with the weapons short range.
  • The execution blow has a small AOE which only effects the units slightly overlapping the executed unit.
  • Using Reach can effectively aid in hitting targets from slightly further away.
  • The groundslam attack knocks enemies down in a small area.


  • Furax (fūrax) in Latin means "thieving."
  • Furax is used in many Latin names for living things.
  • This weapon is used by Grineer Powerfist.
  • In accordance to the Grineer Language, it is the only Grineer weapon name that comes with an "X", as this is not normally used by the Grineer.
  • Hysteria is apparently a skin of the Furax, using a unique Stance Mod and greatly increased damage.

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