Disposición Disposition5 w Fuerte
Ataques Normales
Daño Total 35 (Impact w70%)
Impact w Impacto 24.5
Slash w Cortante 5.2
Otros ataques
Polaridades Ninguna
La Usan Powerfist (single Furax)
Armas Relacionadas Furax Fantasma
Estos guantes de energía carecen de la gama de la mayoría de las armas cuerpo a cuerpo, pero Furax es mucho más devastador cuando se golpea a un enemigo en combate cuerpo a cuerpo.

Used by Grineer Powerfists, the Furax has a much more limited strike range that manifests as a simple close range thrust, making connecting with an attack slightly more difficult.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64‍ 5,000. It is also a Material Requisito for Knux.

Requisitos de Fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 35 Platinum64
MarketIcon Mercado Precio: Platinum64 125 Blueprint2 Planos Precio: Credits64 15,000


This weapon deals primarily Invalid damage.


  • Knockdown on jump attacks, ragdolls enemies.
  • High critical chance.
  • Deals mostly Invalid damage, good against shields.
  • Stance slot has Vazarin Pol polarity, matching Seismic Palm and Gaia's Tragedy stances.


  • Very short range.


  • Furax, comparado con MK1-Furax:
    • Mayor daño base (35.0 vs. 30.0)
    • Más fuerte Ataque de Pared (105 vs. 90)
    • Más fuerte Ataque de Salto (70 vs. 60)
    • Más fuerte Ataque Circular (105 vs. 90)

ERROR: Could not find Furax Wraith

Configuraciones para el Arma


  • Jump attack direct hit deals 35 additional damage.
  • Ground Execution attack is a hard punch, followed by a flurry of up to 5 punches. However, damage is dealt only during the first hard punch, with the rest of the punches being purely animation.
  • The stealth attack animation with the Furax against Infested Chargers is a suplex wrestling move.


  • When using these remember that you must be really close and therefore expect yourself to be vulnerable to staggers, knockdowns and knockbacks.
  • Utilize rolling maneuvers to dart in and out from enemy melee range to deliver high-powered attacks.
  • Occasionally, you may find it hard to hit an enemy even if they are directly in front of you. This may be a small mesh problem associated with the weapons short range.
  • The execution blow has a small AOE which only effects the units slightly overlapping the executed unit.
  • Using Reach can effectively aid in hitting targets from slightly further away.
  • The groundslam attack knocks enemies down in a small area.


  • Furax (fūrax) in Latin means "thieving."
  • Furax is used in many Latin names for living things.
  • This weapon is used by Grineer Powerfist.
  • In accordance to the Grineer Language, it is the only Grineer weapon name that comes with an "X", as this is not normally used by the Grineer.
  • Hysteria is apparently a skin of the Furax, using a unique Stance Mod and greatly increased damage.

Patch History

  • Item introduced with game release.

See also

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