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Coolant Leak allows the Sentinel to freeze and slow all enemies at close proximity in a similar manner to procs.


  • It has a very small radius of 3 meters.
  • The speed reduction of 10% is relatively low.
  • Unalerted enemies that fall under the effect of this mod will become alerted.
  • Cannot be used for Transmutation, although it will appear in the codex entry.
  • Note that this mod is not passive (unlike Santuario) and is actively involved in the precepts order.
  • It can be traded, though isolated reports of being unable to trade exist, most likely connected to other factors.


  • In Capture Missions, it is recommended to use this mod's effect to slow down your target, preventing them from running away from you and making it easier to capture them.



  • While dueling in the Dojo, a Sentinel with Coolant Leak installed will affect its owner.

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Warframe donde encontrar el Mod Fuga de Refrigerante (Coolant Leak)00:43

Warframe donde encontrar el Mod Fuga de Refrigerante (Coolant Leak)

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