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A set of ceremonial daggers from the Orokin era, the Fang Prime's blades resonate violently as they strike. This allows them to pierce hardened materials like armor with ease.

Fang Prime features a higher base damage than Fang as well as a faster attack speed. The Fang Prime was added into the game in Actualización 9.0.

This weapon can be sold for 5.000 Credits64.

Requisitos de Fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 50 Platinum64
MarketIcon Precio: Platinum64 N/A Blueprint2 Precio: N/A
Localización de sus Componentes
PlanoLith V2 Común
Meso T1 Común
Neo B2 Común
Lith K1 Común (V)
Meso N1 Común (V)
Meso S4 Común (V)
Neo N2 Común (V)
GenericWeaponPrimeBlade HojaNeo S7 Común
Axi B2 Común
Axi O2 Común
Lith C1 Común (V)
Lith F1 Común (V)
Lith N1 Común (V)
Lith S5 Común (V)
Lith S6 Común (V)
Axi B1 Común (V)
Axi N1 Común (V)
GenericWeaponPrimeHilt EmpuñaduraLith Z1 Común
Neo V2 Común
Axi V6 Poco Común
Lith F2 Poco Común (V)
Meso N1 Común (V)
Meso N2 Común (V)
Meso S4 Poco Común (V)
Neo N3 Poco Común (V)
Axi H2 Común (V)
Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi se refieren a Reliquias del Vacío
(V) Denota Bóveda Prime Reliquias del Vacío


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • High damage – effective against armored enemies.
  • Can hit multiple targets if they are close together.
  • A D polarity.
  • High attack speed (strikes several times per attack – 3,3,2,4 strikes respectively).
  • Jump attack knocks down enemies in a mid-sized area.
  • Stance slot has WardPol polarity, matching the Rechinar del Payara stance.



  • Fang Prime, comparado a Fang:

Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • Not recommended to be used against Infested enemies especially at high levels, due to the majority of the damage being damage.
    • Due to light infested units being granted armor by Swarm-Mutalist MOA, Fang Prime can still end up being more effective versus those units than slash-based daggers.
  • If you are farming Void Relics for the handles, keep in mind that a Fang Prime Handle is required to advance in the Red Veil Syndicate.


  • All melee attacks beside normal attacks (jump, slide, wall, slam and finisher attacks) have 10% proc chance.
  • Unlike many other prime weapons, Fang Prime does not require Orokin Cells to build.


Patch HistoryEditar

Specters of the Rail 4
  • Fixed missing sounds on Fang Prime melee attacks.

Actualización 17.0

  • The Fang Prime has been given the PBR treatment.

See alsoEditar

  • Fang, the original version of this weapon.
  • Prime, the Orokin enhancement to a Warframe or weapon.