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Each vial is produced by the painstaking expression of billions of rare, ocean-vent dwelling microorganisms.

—In-Game Description

Nitain Extract is a rare resource that can be obtained as a reward from Alerts, and as of Actualización 18.5, Reactor Sabotage missions. Alerts rewarding Nitain Extract are guaranteed to occur at least 4 times in every 24 hour period. In Reactor Sabotage missions, it has a chance to drop from a cache when all three are found.

Blueprints Requiring Nitain ExtractEditar

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Atlas Shikoro Helmet Cosmetic 2
Broken-War Melee 5
Destreza Melee 5
Inaros Anubis Helmet Cosmetic 5
Inaros Neuroptics Component 2
Ivara Chassis Component 4
Ivara Systems Component 5
Ivara Loxley Helmet Cosmetic 1
Nekros Prime Neuroptics Component 5
Nezha Circa Helmet Cosmetic 5
Sands of Inaros Quest 1
Saryn Prime Chassis Component 3
Saryn Prime Systems Component 3
Scimitar Fuselage Component 4
Staticor (Research) Secondary 3 (1)
Sydon (Research) Melee 0 (5)
Titania Chassis Component 3
Vauban Prime Blueprint Blueprint 5
Vauban Prime Chassis Component 5
Vauban Prime Neuroptics Component 5
Vauban Prime Systems Component 5
War Melee 5
Wukong Blueprint (Research) Blueprint 0 (5)
Wukong Chassis (Research) Component 4 (3)
Wukong Dasheng Helmet Cosmetic 2
Wukong Neuroptics (Research) Component 2 (1)
Wukong Systems (Research) Component 0 (2)
Zhuge Primary 2
Total 91 (+17)
Research Multiplier Ghost x1 Shadow x3 Storm x10 Mountain x30 Moon x100



  • Associated files in the game and the Warframe Nexus app refer to Nitain Extract as Alertium, which has become synonymous with the resource.
  • The description of harvesting Nitain is based from the method of recycling greenhouse compounds from germinated colonies underwater as another source of fuel, specifically Methane.
    • Because of this, it is possible that Nitain is in fact Methane, with its name being bastardised by the Grineer's lisp.