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Estabilizador es un mod is a rifle mod that reduces the Retroceso produced from firing a weapon by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at Rank 3.


Rango Weapon Recoil Coste
0 -15% 6
1 -30% 7
2 -45% 8
3 -60% 9


  • This mod can also be stacked with Precisión vil and Planeo de arma, which will provide a combined recoil reduction of -140%. The excess -40% reduction will not be utilized in the process.
  • Added in Actualización 10.0.
  • This mod reduces the distance the aiming reticle is shaken when fired, however it doesn't help increase the gun's base accuracy.


  • Works well with the Latron and Latron Prime, as you can land more headshots in less time due to not having to wait as long for the gun to stabilize.
  • Helps the recoil of the Grakata, Gorgon or the Supra as they mostly have vertical recoil, which is almost completely negated by the mod.


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