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Ayatan esculturas son antiguos tesoros Orokin accionados por Endo que se pueden descubrir en todo el sistema. Hay dos tipos disponibles: las propias esculturas y pequeñas estrellas , que se pueden insertar en las esculturas más grandes para aumentar su valor. Estas esculturas se pueden negociar a Maroo a su bazar de cantidades variables de Endo (con una cuota de Créditos ), o se colocan dentro de la órbita como decoraciones.


  • Esculturas se pueden encontrar en la vista en misiones regulares, aunque esto tiene una rara oportunidad de ocurrir.
  • Estrellas de uno u otro tipo de vez en cuando se pueden encontrar de Contenedores y taquillas.
  • Maroo ofrece una misión semanal , donde se garantiza que aparecerá una escultura.
  • Esculturas y estrellas pueden ser objeto de comercio entre los jugadores.


Existen un total de seis Esculturas Ayatan:


Star MiniMap icon

Ayatan Star Icon on Mini-Map and HUD

Stars are smaller treasures that can be inserted into Sculptures to greatly increase their Endo value once traded in. Once slotted, they cannot be removed. They can also be traded in by themselves for a small Endo payout. Sculptures have 3-4 slots to insert Stars in, and each slot only accepts a specific star.

Stars are dropped randomly from Storage Containers and lockers (including storage containers in Archwing missions). They have a noticeable glow and a unique marker on the mini-map. They must be picked up manually via a prompt, similarly to Syndicate Medallions. From The Silver Grove 4 onwards, the Vacuum precept for Sentinels and the Scavenger Drone cannot pull Stars towards themselves, to prevent Stars from falling out of the map or otherwise becoming unobtainable.

Managing Sculptures Editar

In the Mods section of the Orbiter, selecting "Ayatan Sculptures" will allow the player to examine Sculptures and attach Stars. Stars can be inserted into a Sculpture by selecting the desired Sculpture, then hovering the cursor over a socket and clicking on it. The Sculpture must be in the player's inventory for it to be selected; if displayed as a decoration, the Sculpture will not appear in the Mods screen. Each Sculpture can have 3 to 4 sockets available for slotting, with each slot requiring a particular type of Ayatan Star depending on the type of sculpture.

Each Endo unit costs ~24.15 in credits, and the final price is rounded up.

Endo Values and Credit Fees
Treasure Stars Fused
0 1 (Amber) 1 (Cyan) 2 3 4
(3 cyan)
Endo64‍ 325
7.849 Credits64
- Endo64‍ 625
15.094 Credits64
Endo64‍ 992
23.957 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,425
34.414 Credits64
(3 cyan, 1 amber)
Endo64‍ 650
15.698 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,125
27.169 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,050
25.358 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,600
38.640 Credits64
Endo64‍ 2,125
51.319 Credits64
Endo64‍ 2,700
65.205 Credits64
(2 cyan / 1 amber)
Endo64‍ 375
9.057 Credits64
Endo64‍ 792
19.127 Credits64
Endo64‍ 708
17.097 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,108
26.758 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,725
41.659 Credits64
(2 cyan / 1 amber)
Endo64‍ 300
7.245 Credits64
Endo64‍ 667
16.108 Credits64
Endo64‍ 583
14.078 Credits64
Endo64‍ 933
22.532 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,500
36.225 Credits64
(2 cyan / 1 amber)
Endo64‍ 400
9.660 Credits64
Endo64‍ 833
20.117 Credits64
Endo64‍ 750
18.113 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,283
30.984 Credits64
Endo64‍ 1,800
43.470 Credits64

Misión SemanalEditar

Once a week, players can speak with Maroo in the Maroo's Bazaar Relay on Earth to perform a Raid mission in the Void or Orokin Derelict. This mission requires players to find a Void treasure room, which is a large special room filled with traps and obstacles that are activated upon players stepping on a pressure plate by the room's entrance. Once the traps have been activated, players only have a limited amount of time in which they must reach the final door at the very end of the room. Failing to reach said door before it closes completely will result in mission failure, though players can repeat the mission to try again if they fail .

If players successfully reach the last room before it closes, players can grab an Ayatan Sculpture mounted on a pedestal inside the room and then proceed to extraction. Note that a player who has already acquired a Sculpture from their weekly mission will not receive any additional Sculptures should they join someone else's weekly mission.


  • A Kavat Smeeta can double the amount of Stars obtained if the Doubled Pickups buff from Charm is activated when they are picked up. This does not work with sculptures.
  • Ayatan sculptures spawn in locations that Syndicate Medallions do, thus making Sindicato missions a good way of searching them. While this by itself doesn't increase chances of them spawning, players could already be searching every room for Medallions and destroying containers, thus potentially gathering up Stars and, occasionally, a sculpture.
    • It is possible for both the Medallion and the sculpture to spawn in the same spot, thus making one of them invisible. Picking one up will render the other visible and available for pickup.
  • Ayatan Sculptures and Stars appear on loot radars such as Loot Detector, Thief's Wit and Animal Instinct. Sculptures have standard resource/container marker, while stars have their own unique icon.
  • One is able to scan their Ayatans Sculptures placed on their ship and the Orbitor if they have the Scanner set as a hotkey. However, this has no effect whatever on the Codex Entries and the amount of scanners you have.