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FocusLensFocus b
Not to be confused with Focus Energy.

Focus refers to special abilities unlocked after Aventura El segundo sueño, revolving around unlocking a Tenno's true abilities guided by the principles of the Five Great Tenno Schools.

Focus Ability


A Tenno Operator being projected while using a Focus Ability, as the Warframe lies inert on the ground.

At the end of The Second Dream quest, players are asked to choose one of the five schools as their primary Focus, which will grant them a Focus Ability, an ability which can be used regardless of which Warframe the player equips. The type of Focus Ability is dependent on the school that was chosen, with each ability granting different effects. When the Focus Ability is activated, a spiritual projection of the Tenno Operator will appear behind the Warframe, and player control shifts to said projection, which will begin using its chosen ability in the direction of aim. In this so-called Transcendent State, the player can move the projection as well as aim its attack, and both the projection and the Warframe are invulnerable to attack. The Warframe itself is unable to move during this state, however continuous Abilities cast before using the focus ability remain active. This state lasts for a short duration dependent on upgrade level or if the player manually deactivates it, and while activating a Focus Ability consumes no Energy, the ability has a base cooldown time of 180 seconds before it can be used.

The default keybinding to use Focus ability is holding down 5  or Num 5  on PC; on PS4, pulling up the ability menu by holding R1, then pressing L1 to activate; and on Xbox One, holding RB and pressing LB. This can be changed under "Ability E" in Key Bindings. Once a Focus is unlocked, a circular gauge will appear in the lower right corner of the player UI to the right of the Warframe's Energy gauge, which is used to display the Focus ability's cooldown state – the gauge will fill with blue energy until it's full, at which point it will gain a circular glow denoting that the ability is ready to use. In addition, the operator will occasionally make a comment when the ability is fully charged.

Halffocus Readyfocus
A halfway charged Focus ability. A fully charged Focus ability.

Focus Points

Focus Lens


Focus gain can be further increased through the use of Convergence orbs, which are yellow, glowing orbs that periodically appear during a mission. When picked up, Convergence will multiply the amount of Focus converted from Affinity by 6x for a period of 45 seconds. Once the Convergence period expires, a summary of the amount of Focus points earned during the active period will be displayed on the player's screen. Unlike most buffs, its duration cannot be interrupted by such things as Dispel or falling off the map, though it will be interrupted on death, showing the amount of Focus gained as though it had run its course.

The appearance of a Convergence orb will be accompanied by a glowing indicator on the screen, displaying the location where the orb has appeared. Multiple orbs will form throughout the duration of a mission, although only one orb can be created at a time. Note that Convergence Orbs will stop spawning once the daily Focus cap has been reached.

Tenno Schools

The Tenno Schools are disciplines that represent a particular way of thought in regards to the Tenno's personality and fighting styles, with each school focusing on a different discipline, manifesting as a difference in the type of abilities granted by their signature Focus Abilities.

Focus is classified into the five Tenno "Schools": Error de script, Error de script, Error de script, Error de script, and Error de script. Each school has a skill tree that branches out from the primary signature ability with upgrade nodes called Ways, which grants additional utility to the ​signature ability. Once unlocked, a "Way" has to be activated by clicking on its icon which will change its icon color from black to red, with a red line leading back to the preceding active Way in the tree to signify that it is on. With the exception of Mastery-type Ways that decrease cooldown, each active Way will add 45 seconds to the cooldown on the signature ability, regardless of whichever rank it is. Players can choose to deactivate a Way to reduce the signature ability's cooldown time. Ways also require that the preceding requisite Way in the skill tree is active in order to be activated: if the preceding Way is turned off, the Way node it is connected to will also be deactivated.

Certain Ways provide Residual upgrades, which confer bonuses that last for the duration of a mission, applying to either the Warframe or the weapons they carry. These passive Ways do not activate until the signature Focus ability has been used at least once during the mission.

Individual Ways also contain their own ranks which can be upgraded by spending Focus points to enhance that particular Way's attributes. Unlike unlocking a Way which requires a lump sum of Focus points to be spent, ranking up a Way is performed by gradually allocating points into it by holding down the Focus button beside the Way's icon until the required amount of Focus is reached. Allocation of Focus points can be stopped at any time or until the currently available amount of Focus points for that school is depleted, and once allocated can be confirmed to lock the points into that Way, or canceled to return the allocated points to the School's available Focus points for spending elsewhere. Focus points allocated in such a manner cannot be reimbursed once allocated and confirmed into a Way. The amount of Focus points required to rank up a Way increases with each rank purchased. Ranking up a "Way" will not increase the cooldown penalty for activating it.

Each school starts with a Way capacity or Plantilla:FocusPoolCostPool of five slots. Initially, the signature skill takes up a single Way, leaving four more spaces open. Adding other active Ways or ranking up a "Way" will take one Pool slot each, with each additional rank increasing its Pool cost. Players can spend Focus to increase the school's pool capacity, increasing the number of Ways that can be activated by one per purchase. While players can unlock any number of Ways in a school's skill tree, if they have an insufficient Pool capacity they will only be able to activate or rank up a limited number of Ways. The amount of Focus required to increase Way capacity becomes increasingly more expensive the more capacity is added.

Ver lista de Cost of Increasing Way-Pool's Capacity
Current Capacity Focus cost of Next Upgrade Capacity Change Total Focus Cost
5 8,586 5 >> 6 8,586
6 10,330 6 >> 7 18,916
7 12,126 7 >> 8 31,042
8 13,967 8 >> 9 45,009
9 15,849 9 >> 10 60,858
10 17,769 10 >> 11 78,627
11 19,725 11 >> 12 98,352
12 21,714 12 >> 13 120,066
13 23,733 13 >> 14 143,799
14 25,782 14 >> 15 169,581
15 27,858 15 >> 16 197,439
16 29,960 16 >> 17 227,399
17 32,087 17 >> 18 259,486
18 34,238 18 >> 19 293,724
19 36,411 19 >> 20 330,135
20 38,607 20 >> 21 368,742
21 40,823 21 >> 22 409,565
22 43,060 22 >> 23 452,625
23 45,316 23 >> 24 497,941
24 47,591 24 >> 25 545,532
25 49,885 25 >> 26 595,417
26 52,196 26 >> 27 647,613
27 54,524 27 >> 28 702,137
28 56,869 28 >> 29 759,006
29 59,231 29 >> 30 818,237
30 61,608 30 >> 31 879,845
31 64,000 31 >> 32 943,845
32 66,407 32 >> 33 1,010,252
33 68,830 33 >> 34 1,079,082
34 71,266 34 >> 35 1,150,348
35 73,716 35 >> 36 1,224,064
36 76,180 36 >> 37 1,300,244
37 78,658 37 >> 38 1,378,902
38 81,148 38 >> 39 1,460,050
39 83,651 39 >> 40 1,543,701
40 86,167 40 >> 41 1,629,868
41 88,695 41 >> 42 1,718,563
42 91,235 42 >> 43 1,809,798
43 93,787 43 >> 44 1,903,585
44 96,351 44 >> 45 1,999,936
45 98,926 45 >> 46 2,098,862
46 101,512 46 >> 47 2,200,374
47 104,109 47 >> 48 2,304,483
48 106,717 48 >> 49 2,411,200
49 109,336 49 >> 50 2,520,536
50 111,966 50 >> 51 2,632,502
51 114,605 51 >> 52 2,747,107
52 117.255 52 >> 53 2,864,362
53 119.915 53 >> 54 2,984,277
54 122,584 54 >> 55 3,106,861
55 125,264 55 >> 56 3,232,125
56 127,953 56 >> 57 3,360,078
57 130,651 57 >> 58 3,490,729
58 133,359 58 >> 59 3,624,088
59 136,076 59 >> 60 3,760,164
60 138,802 60 >> 61 3,898,966
61 141,537 61 >> 62 4,040,503
62 144,281 62 >> 63 4,184,784
63 147,033 63 >> 64 4,331,817
64 149,795 64 >> 65 4,481,612
65 152,564 65 >> 66 4,634,176
66 155,342 66 >> 67 4,789,518
67 158,129 67 >> 68 4,947,647
68 160,923 68 >> 69 5,108,570
69 163,726 69 >> 70 5,272,296
70 166,537 70 >> 71 5,438,833
71 169,355 71 >> 72 5,608,188
72 172,182 72 >> 73 5,780,370
73 175,016 73 >> 74 5,955,386
74 177,858 74 >> 75 6,133,244
75 180,708 75 >> 76 6,313,952
76 183,565 76 >> 77 6,497,517
77 186,429 77 >> 78 6,683,946
78 189,301 78 >> 79 6,873,247
79 192,180 79 >> 80 7,065,427
80 195,066 80 >> 81 7,260,493
81 197,960 81 >> 82 7,458,453
82 200,860 82 >> 83 7,659,313
83 203,768 83 >> 84 7,863,081
84 206,682 84 >> 85 8,069,763
85 209,603 85 >> 86 8,279,366
86 212,531 86 >> 87 8,491,897
87 215,466 87 >> 88 8,707,363
88 218,408 88 >> 89 8,925,771
89 221,356 89 >> 90 9,147,127
90 224,311 90 >> 91 9,371,438
91 227,272 91 >> 92 9,598,710
92 230,239 92 >> 93 9,828,949
93 233,213 93 >> 94 10,062,162
94 236,194 94 >> 95 10,298,356
95 239,180 95 >> 96 10,537,536
96 242,173 96 >> 97 10,779,709
97 245,172 97 >> 98 11,024,881
98 248,177 98 >> 99 11,273,058
99 251,189 99 >> 100 11,524,247
100 254,206 100 >> 101 11,778,453
101 257,229 101 >> 102 12,035,682
102 260,258 102 >> 103 12,295,940

Focus points are school-specific, where points earned from one school can only be used in that school, ex. earned

x20pxNaramon points can only be used to unlock Ways in the

FocusLensNaramon bNaramon school. Other schools asides from the originally chosen school can be unlocked, but require spending that specific school's Focus points to do so, thus players must first gather Focus points using the Lens of that specific school.

While a player has only one School at the beginning, they can use Focus Lenses from other Schools to earn the corresponding Focus points required to unlock other Schools. Once a player has unlocked other Schools, they can choose to select a School as their Primary, which will switch out the current school's Focus ability for the chosen school's ability for use during missions. Only one School can be active as the Primary at any time.

Focus Abilities and Upgrades

FocusLensMadurai b

They followed the path of Engage The Enemy. Their swift, uncompromising onslaught, holding nothing back and recklessly attacking their foes, could vanquish an opponent before he had the chance to steel himself. Speed and savagery characterized this school.

Arbol Enfoque Madurai

The treeways of the Madurai school.

This skill tree focuses on straight damage.Focus/Madurai

FocusLensVazarin b

They trained to Counter the Enemy, and move with an opponent's attacks in order to nullify them. They maintained constant awareness in order to defend against all aggression.

Arbol Enfoque Vazarin

The treeways of the Vazarin school.

This skill tree focuses on heals, revives and shields.Focus/Vazarin

FocusLensNaramon b

This discipline focused on Knowing the Enemy, and the tacticians of Naramon believed that to truly understand a foe would confer the greatest advantage upon a warrior.

Arbol Enfoque Naramon

The treeways of the Naramon school.

This skill tree focuses on crowd control, Finishers, and critical damage.Focus/Naramon

FocusLensUnairu b

They pushed themselves to Outlast the Enemy, to withstand all aggression without retreat. They believed that if the enemy could not match their endurance, then a battle could be won without having even commenced.

Arbol Enfoque Unairu

The treeways of the Unairu school.

This skill tree focuses on petrifying enemies either through its basic ability, Basilisk Flare, or through melee attacks, increasing the player's own and their allies' armor, and reducing enemies' armor through melee attacks.Focus/Unairu

FocusLensZenurik b

They believed the clearest path to victory was to Dominate the Enemy. They sought to choke an opponent of all resources; that sheer strength could erase any resistance.

Arbol Enfoque Zenurik

The treeways of the Zenurik school.

This skill tree focuses on crowd control, energy restoration and general utility.Focus/Zenurik


  • The Operator's Projection when activating a Focus ability is affected by map geography and gravity the same as any other object, being capable of being blocked by obstacles and falling. If the Projection falls into a pit or any other "bottomless" drop, the Focus ability will be forcefully deactivated.
  • The Focus ability will not be deactivated automatically when the Operator's Projection is inside a Nullifier Globe, as the deactivation of the Focus is also counted as an ability activation.
  • Focus points earned during a mission will remain even if it is failed.
  • Focus currently cannot be used during Archwing segments of a mission.
  • Because the Operator's projection is considered its own map entity, it is capable of interacting with Interception capture points, and triggering Orokin Void and Orokin Moon pressure plates.
  • Host migration will end any and all activated passives, forcing players to reactivate their focus ability to enable their passive abilities again.
    • This bug with "until the end of the mission" passives also happens with any self-initiated revive (arcane or otherwise).
  • Focus abilities cannot be activated if a Warframe is using a channeled ability that restricts its mobility, e.g. Banshee's Sound Quake and Nyx's Absorb. Other channeled abilities will remain active and continue draining energy throughout the duration of the Focus ability, with the exception of Ivara's Prowl which is an invisibility-type ability and will thus be deactivated.
  • Focus Lenses cannot be put on Companions or their weapons.
  • Focus Ability cast animation is affected by cast speed modifiers such as Natural Talent, Ember's Accelerant, and Speed Drift.
  • After spawning, a Convergence orb remains on the map for exactly one minute before despawning.
  • When the player activates the ability, their controls are switched the newly spawned operator as the Warframe hunches over. As this is the character currently controlled by the player, Companions like sentinels still stick to the operator instead of the now immobile Warframe. This is shown by the map indicating the Warframe as a blue dot, indicating an ally and not a player.
    • As such, sentinels will still be at risk if in direct fire and may be destroyed in larger groups of high-level enemies.


  • As Focus is reliant on the amount of affinity gained, using Affinity Boosters can increase the total amount of Focus gained during missions.
  • If activating Focus purely to activate its passive abilities and without enemies nearby, manually deactivating the ability will allow players to return to a normal state immediately to prevent having to play out the rest of the attack's duration. However, this does not reduce the cooldown towards the next use: the charge will reset to 0 regardless of whether the ability is ended early or not.
  • As activating a "Way" increases the cooldown time of Focus abilities, it is recommended that no more than 3-4 Ways be activated at a time to keep cooldown to a respectable level. It is thus prudent to choose which Ways to activate that suit the mission beforehand.
    • Alternatively if using a focus ability purely for activating its passives during a long mission such as Survival or Defense, consider disregarding the above and instead equipping all the passive abilities you may be interested in using. It may take longer to activate them the first time, but you gain a number of extra abilities to assist through the mission
  • Due to affinity distribution mechanics when Focus lenses convert affinity into Focus points, the most effective placement of your first lens depends on play-style and role. If you are personally doing almost all of the killing, it is more effective to install Focus lenses on Warframes, as Warframes will be able to receive Focus regardless of weapon used, and can receive the full amount of Focus point conversion upon kills using Warframe abilities. This is the obvious choice for solo play. When you are playing a more supporting role, if you don't need other weapons, a single weapon equipped with a lens will be much more effective. For balanced team play, where you expect to get no more than 1/3 of the kills, a single weapon will be better than a frame. If you wish to use multiple weapons while farming, then lensing the frame still makes sense.
  • One of the most effective ways to farm Focus is doing high level Exterminate missions through Stealth, taking advantage of the stealth affinity multiplier to rake in large amounts of affinity, resulting in equally large conversions to Focus. This is more easily accomplished using a stealth Warframe such as Loki, Ash, or Ivara equipped with a Focus Lens, and using a high damage melee weapon such as a dagger equipped with Covert Lethality.
    • Ivara's Sleep Arrow in particular can make stealth runs easier by putting groups of enemies to sleep, preventing them from being alerted to deaths in the vicinity.
    • Additionally, the Strategic Execution passive from the Naramon school, due to the +25% affinity from melee kills at max rank, can cut a run or two out of the grind for the daily 100,000 cap on Focus.


  • The Focus system has been in development for a very long period, and was initially slated for release in Actualización 14.0. The developers admitted that Augmented Mods and Arcane Enhancements initially started out as components of the Focus system before being split from it entirely.
  • The five schools of Focus are based off the five elements of Wu Xing found in Book of Documents(尚书) and is widely used in ancient Chinese philosophical traditions. It resembles the five elements of godai, which lacks Naramon (the tree), as seen on the backgrounds of each school's skill tree page. The Five Elements are Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, and Metal.
    • The Naramon School represents Wood 木. In Wu Xing this is associated with the eyes, growth, flourish, and reaching outward.
    • The Madurai School represents Fire 火. In Wu Xing this is associated with the heart, force, passion, and raw ability.
    • The Unairu School represents Earth 土. In Wu Xing this is associated with the flesh, stability, durability, and bearing.
    • The Zenurik School represents Metal 金. Also interpreted as mineral or crystal, this is associated in Wu Xing with the lung, concentrating, reserving, and abundance.
    • The Vazarin School represents Water 水. In Wu Xing this is associated with the bone, inflexibility, supporting, adaptability, and sympathy.
  • While the replies that the player chooses during the Operator's conversation with the Lotus has no gameplay effect, the choice of replies are used to reorder the choices of Tenno Schools once the selection screen appears, with the school most suited to the Operator appearing on the left, and choice to the right being the least suited. Example: choosing the conversation options relating to knowledge will put Naramon to the leftmost side as the most desirable choice. Players are still free to choose the Focus they wish to start with however.
Ver lista de Sorting Choice Answers
Answers School
First Choice
"I remember Studying..." Naramon +1
"I remember a Fight..." Unairu +1
"I remember someone holding my hand..." Vazarin +1
Second Choice
"We Stuck Together..." Madurai +1
"Things Happens for a reason..." Zenurik +1
"They tried to help us..." Vazarin +1
Third Choice
"They paid for what they did..." Unairu +1
"She sang to us..." Zenurik +1
"She was Brilliant..." Naramon +1
"She was Brave..." Madurai +1
Fourth Choice
"We sought Knowledge..." Naramon +1
"We fought with honor..." Zenurik +1
"We fight for justice..." Unairu +1
"We were fearless..." Madurai +1
"We protected the innocents..." Vazarin +1


  • Joining a high-latency game has a tendency to cause the selected Focus ability to fully charge instantaneously and removes the cooldown completely.
  • Using the focus ability may make you unable to use your melee weapon or roll for the remainder of the mission.
  • Host migration will reset the cooldown of the Focus ability and disable passive effects from a previous activation.
    • As of Actualización 18.4.10, the cooldown being reset has been fixed, however, passives effects can potentially still be disabled if a host migration occurs.
  • Activating a focus ability while in an elevator will cause your Warframe to fall through the lift. Deactivating will place you at the last "safe spot". In some instances, you will be stuck infinitely falling.
    • If you end up infinitely falling, you can teleport back into the map by typing /unstuck in squad chat (or clan chat if you're playing solo) and then clicking okay. This teleports you back to your last 'safe' location.

Patch History

Revisión 19.5.4
  • Fixed a script error caused by initiating a Focus ability.