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Encanto allows the Kavat Smeeta to grant a random buff to its owner, indicated by a special icon next to its owner's health and shields.


Rank Chance Cooldown Cost
0 7% 30s 0
1 14% 29s 1
2 21% 28s 2
3 28% 27s 3

List of Possible Buffs

The duration of the buffs below are for a fully-ranked Charm. As the Charm icon does not specify which buff the player has received, the only way to determine which buff is currently active is by looking at said buff's duration.

Buff Effect Duration
Orange critical hit chance Sets critical hit chance to 200%, making all attacks orange critical hits. Also affects some Warframe powers. 30s
Energy Refund Warframe power costs are refunded on cast. (Channelled abilities only refund the initial cast, the rest of the channel is completely free.) This effect also applies to melee channel attacks. 10s
Doubled Pickups and Affinity Any pickups collected or affinity earned are doubled. 120s
Instant Reload Reload instantly once. Until reload
Reinforced Shields Negates damage received from the next incoming hit. Additionally, awards 150 overshields. Until hit
Rare Resource The Smeeta creates 1 instance of the current planet's rare resources for its owner. N/A

Median time for buff occurence

The median time m for one buff b to occur within a given range of buffs n, where t is the interval between the chance of a buff to occur, is calculated with this formula:

m_{b} = \frac{n * t}{proc ~ chance}

If we enter the values for a Rank 3 Charm we get:

m_{b} = \frac{6 * 27s}{0.28} \approx 578.57s

For one specific buff to occur the median time to wait is therefore a bit longer than 9 and a half minutes.


  • The Orange critical hit chance buff can force weapons like the Seer with no critical Hit chance to orange critical Hit, but since this weapon has no innate critical damage multiplier, the damage will remain the same.
  • The Orange critical hit chance buff sets critical chance to 200%, and on melee, it applies before Blood Rush. This means that using Blood Rush will cause the 200% critical hit chance to be multiplied with the combo counter, allowing the critical hit chance to scale up very quickly.
  • The Rare Resource buff can spawn Argon Crystal drops.
  • The Double Pickups and Affinity buff can proc and be followed by a Rare Resource buff, doubling the amount of resources that are generated by the Smeeta Kavat.
  • Buffs are stackable, they do not overwrite the first buff (only the icon will be replaced with the new buff icon). 2 times or more Doubled Pickup/Affinity is possible, and the buff is multiplicative (2x>4x>8x>16x>etc.).
  • With Doubled Pickup/Affinity, Affinity Pickups are 4x multiplied (Because both multipiers affect them). Double affinity only applies once (think of it as the final multiplier that is applied at the very end).
    • The Doubled Pickups bonuses can also increase the amount of Kuva or Void Traces rewarded, but only before the player receives them.


  • Sometimes, Warframe powers are unaffected by the critical chance buff.
  • While using Ivara and the Reload buff activates, the player can fire the Artemis Bow as if it had no draw time.
  • At random times the mod will stop working for the rest of the mission.
  • If your Smeeta dies while a buff is active, it is possible to have it permanently for the mission. (Infinite Insta Reload)

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