Mara Detron
Ranura de Arma Secondary
Tipo de Arma Shotgun
Tipo de Gatillo Semi-Auto
Vel. del Proyectil 150.0m/s
Candencia de Fuego 4.2 balas/seg
Contador de Perdigones 7 perdigones/balas
Tamaño de Cargador 8 balas/cargador
Munición Máxima 210 balas
Tiempo de Recarga 1.0s
Ataques Normales
Tipo Elemental
Daño Elemental 105.0
Multiplicador Crítico 1.5x
Introducido Plantilla:Ver
Entrada del CÓDICE: Detron MaraCodexbw.png
For Orokin-era smugglers, this fearsome handheld shotgun was a favored tool for 'dispute resolution'.

The Mara Detron is a time-limited edition of the Detron that has altered stats along with a unique animated skin.


This weapon deals x18px Radiation damage.


  • High Damage.
  • High projectile velocity.
  • Fast reload time.
  • Good ammo efficiency.
  • No damage falloff over distance.


  • Projectiles have travel time.
  • Small magazine size.
  • x18px Radiation-exclusive damage can limit its utility (reduced damage versus Shields and severely reduced damage against Infested and Fossilized).
  • Low critical chance and multiplier.


  • Compared to the Detron:
    • Lower Recoil.
    • Increased magazine capacity (8 rounds vs. 5).
    • Increased rate of fire (4.2 vs. 3.3).



  • The Mara Detron can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Relay for Credits64.png ‍ 200,000 and PrimeBucks.png ‍ 500. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.
  • Like Syndicate Weapons, unranked Mara Detrons without Forma and Orokin Catalysts can be traded between players.


  • The Mara Detron's increased fire rate means that mods like a capped Lethal Torrent make it fire faster than can be clicked. Giving the fire button a secondary binding to the mousewheel can alleviate this.
  • As the Mara Detron is essentially an improved Detron, refer to the Detron's Tips for more upgrade/optimization possibilities.


  • The Mara Detron can be visually identified from the standard Detron by the diffuse cloud textured animation on its body.
    • This animated texture is based off the weapon's energy color, and thus can be changed to match any hue the user wishes for.
    • As with the Syndicate reward weapons, when the Mara Detron is stolen by a Drahk Master it will appear as a regular Detron on the ground and will revert to its Mara variant when picked up.
  • The Mara Detron has a distinct sound when fired, closer to traditional shotguns than the energy-based weapons regularly used by the Corpus.
  • Despite being from the Orokin Era, it does not appear to be manufactured by the Orokin. As a smuggler's weapon, it may be implied this weapon was designed outside of their authority. It might similarly be speculated this could be a clue to the very early origins of the Corpus.
  • The Mara Detron ejects its magazine when reloading.
  • The flowing effect on the weapon is similar to the flowing effect on Steam's Phased Skins promotional items.
  • The Mara Detron was leaked as an entry in a player's Profile under Equipment, along with the Imperator Vandal, before it was revealed to be sold by the Void Trader Baro Ki'Teer.
  • Mara is a Hebrew female adjective, meaning bitter.
  • This is currently the first and only Mara-type weapon.

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