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Defensa focalizada is a melee mod that increases armor while channeling at the cost of reduced channeling efficiency.


Rango Armor Channeling Efficiency Coste
0 +5% -35% 4
1 +10% -70% 5
2 +15% -105% 6
3 +20% -140% 7


  • Because Channeling while blocking will negate all incoming damage (rendering the Armor increase irrelevant), the effect is only present when Channeling but not blocking. Even with the highest possible Armor before Abilities (a Valkyr with Steel Fiber and Armored Agility, for a damage resistance of 83.61%), a 20% increase to Armor only results in a 2.35% increase to damage resistance. Blocking but not Channeling with any melee weapon will reduce damage by a significantly greater amount (the lowest damage block of all melee weapons is 35%).

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