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El daño
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
is one of the six secondary elemental damage types, composed of and damage. It is immensely useful against most Grineer troops and heavyweight Infested creatures, but fares poorly against the Proto Shields of some Elite Corpus enemies. Corrosive damage's unique status effect is Corrosion, which permanently degrades the target's current armor by 25%. The damage of the corroding shot is applied before the
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
proc reduces the armor. Corrosion can be applied multiple times to the same target, with each following proc reducing the remaining armor by another 25% of its current (not the initial) value, thereby causing the target's armor to decay at an exponentially decreasing rate. Against Tenno, the status effect lasts for 8 seconds. In the case of shots with multiple pellets (both by default and through multishot mods), multiple stacks of Corrosion can be applied in the same shot. The enemy corroded by the proc will be covered in a green, electricity-like substance.

Corrosive effects do not remove hard invulnerability effects, such as the special protection possessed during the first half of the fight with Lieutenant Lech Kril. Additionally, a few bosses (notably Sargas Ruk), are immune to corrosive (and certain other) proc types.

Type EffectivenessEditar

IconGrineerBGrineer Health
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
IconCorpusBCorpus Health
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
IconInfestedBInfestación Health
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
Cloned Flesh Flesh Infested
Ferrite Armor +75% Shield Infested Flesh
Alloy Armor Proto Shield –50% Fossilized +75%
Machinery Robotic Sinew

Corrosive SourcesEditar




†Denotes a source of corrosive damage that does not inflict the status effect on enemies.



Miasma(H) Miasma(S)
Saryn contamina la atmósfera con una mortal niebla venenosa que corroe a todos los enemigos en su radio de alcance. Hace daño adicional a los enemigos acordando efectos de toxina y viral.
Fuerza:250 / 275 / 300 / 350
Duración:3 s
Alcance:8 / 10 / 12 / 15 m

Multiple Corrosion ProcsEditar

Corrosivo n Corrosivo
procs reduce the armor of an enemy by 25% of their current armor, each proc against an enemy removes less armor points than its previous proc, and (if not for rounding) would theoretically never reduce armor to 0. The number of procs it takes to get down to below 1 depends on the initial armor value of the enemy. For the following examples, keep in mind these colored benchmarks:

Damage Reduction = 1 − (300 ÷ (300 + Net Armor))

Armor Damage Reduction Benchmark
1260.00 80.77% Valkyr with Steel Fiber
945.00 75.90% Atlas with Steel Fiber
735.00 71.01% Chroma with Steel Fiber
630.00 67.74% Frost (Prime) with Steel Fiber
600.00 66.00% Valkyr
577.50 65.81% Rhino Prime with Steel Fiber
525.00 63.64% Excalibur Prime with Steel Fiber
472.50 61.17% Excalibur or Wukong with Steel Fiber
450.00 60.00% Atlas
399.00 57.08% Rhino with Steel Fiber
367.50 55.05% Nezha with Steel Fiber
350.00 53.85% Chroma
325.50 52.04% Saryn with Steel Fiber
315.00 51.22% Oberon or Ash Prime with Steel Fiber
300.00 50.00% Frost (Prime)
275.00 47.82% Rhino Prime
262.50 46.67% Ember Prime with Steel Fiber
250.00 45.45% Excalibur Prime
225.00 42.86% Excalibur or Wukong
210.00 41.18% Ember, Equinox, or Volt Prime with Steel Fiber
190.00 38.78% Rhino
175.00 36.84% Nezha
155.00 34.07% Saryn
150.00 33.00% Oberon, Ash Prime
136.50 31.27% Ash, Hydroid, Limbo, Loki (Prime), Mag (Prime),
Mesa, Mirage, Nekros, Nova (Prime), or Ivara with Steel Fiber
131.25 30.43% Nyx Prime or Vauban with Steel Fiber
125.00 29.41% Ember Prime
100.00 25.00% Ember, Equinox, or Volt Prime
65.000 17.81% Ash, Hydroid, Limbo, Loki (Prime),
Mag (Prime), Mesa, Mirage, Nekros, Nova (Prime), Ivara
50.000 16.67% Nyx Prime or Vauban
31.500 09.50% Banshee, Volt, Nyx, Trinity, or Zephyr with Steel Fiber
15.000 04.76% Banshee, Volt, Nyx, Trinity or Zephyr
The background colors of the above table mark 10% damage reduction increments. As
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
procs are inflicted against the following hypothetical enemies, they will be brought lower and lower down the rainbow spectrum in damage reduction. The way the remaining armor is calculated is an exponential function as follows:

Remaining Armor = Initial Armor × 0.75Procs

  • Initial Armor is the original armor of your enemy.
  • Procs is the number of times that
    Corrosivo n Corrosivo
    procs occur on the enemy.
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
Procs on Enemies
Enemy Armor = 100 Enemy Armor = 1000 Enemy Armor = 10000
Procs Remaining Armor Damage Reduction Procs Remaining Armor Damage Reduction Procs Remaining Armor Damage Reduction
0 100 25.00% 0 1000 76.92% 0 10000 97.09%
1 75 20.00% 1 750 71.43% 1 7500 96.15%
2 56.25 15.79% 2 562.5 65.22% 2 5625 94.94%
3 42.19 12.33% 3 421.9 58.44% 3 4219 93.36%
4 31.64 09.54% 4 316.4 51.33% 4 3164 91.34%
5 23.73 07.33% 5 237.3 44.17% 5 2373 88.78%
6 17.80 05.60% 6 178.0 37.24% 6 1780 85.58%
7 13.35 04.26% 7 133.5 30.80% 7 1335 81.65%
8 10.01 03.23% 8 100.1 25.02% 8 1001 76.94%
9 7.51 02.44% 9 75.1 20.02% 9 751 71.46%
10 5.63 01.84% 10 56.3 15.80% 10 563 65.24%
13 2.38 00.79% 13 23.8 07.35% 13 238 44.24%
16 1.00 00.33% 16 10.0 03.23% 16 100 25.00%
20 0.31 00.10% 20 3.10 01.02% 20 31.0 09.37%
Were this chart to fill in the gaps and continue, the trend would reveal that every 8 procs reduces the armor value of the current target by almost exactly 90%. This means for players fighting high level Grineer enemies (for reference, a level 120 Heavy Gunner has roughly 10000 armor),
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
procs are nearly essential to kill them, and to get a sufficient number of procs on the enemy, a weapon with both high Status Chance and high Fire Rate would be best.

Complete Armor Depletion Editar

The complete removal of a target's armor occurs when its armor value falls below 1. This may be desirable to remove the damage type modifiers of the target's armor type, or it may be unwanted in the case of Corrosive damage against Ferrite armor, as this means losing the +75% damage bonus. Either way, it is important to consider when this event is expected to occur.

Based on the previous equation describing the relationship between number of procs, initial armor and remaining armor, one can calculate for any given armor value the number of procs required to deplete it completely:

Procs > 8 log10 (Initial Armor)

Conversely, one can calculate for any given number of procs the greatest armor value which it can deplete completely:

Initial Armor < (4/3)Procs

The bottom line of this for fighting armored targets with Corrosion effects is that, since the number of shots required to deplete the target's armor grows slower with enemy level than the number of shots required to deplete the target's health, armor depletion will occur more often and already at higher relative amounts of health left as enemy level increases, for any fixed weapon setup which can proc Corrosion.


Since Actualización 20.0,
Corrosivo n Corrosivo
procs (FX and icon) permanently linger on enemies. This has no effect aside from affecting Condition Overload.


  • 2013-12-24 00004.jpg This Nova is currently using a Corrosive-modded Brakk; Corrosive procs should reduce armor. Notice Kril's Yellow health bar, showing he has armor.
  • 2013-12-24 00005.jpg After proccing the Corrosive effect on Kril several times, his health bar turned red. This suggests that Corrosive procs can reduce armor to zero permanently.

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