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El daño de
Tóxico n Toxina
is one of the four primary elemental damage types. It is effective against Corpus Flesh, but is less effective against Machinery and Robotic enemies, as well as Fossilized Infested creatures. Against the large majority of enemies (and against Warframes)
Tóxico n Toxina
damage bypasses shields to directly affect health (does not bypass armor however). The
Tóxico n Toxina
status effect is Poison, which deals 50% of your weapon or power's modified base damage and 50% of the
Tóxico n Toxina
damage per tick, for 9 ticks over 8 seconds as
Tóxico n Toxina

Multiple instances of the effect can stack on the same target with each instance having its own timer.

Mods adding base or
Tóxico n Toxina
damage and combo multipliers will increase the damage of the Poison ticks. If a proc occurs together with a headshot and/or critical hit, the ticks are also affected by their respective multipliers. In case of melee weapons, another 8x stealth damage multiplier is applied to the ticks if the Warframe is in a stealthed state. Enemies killed while under or by a
Tóxico n Toxina
proc will be covered in a green liquid-like substance, most likely poison.

Type Effectiveness

IconGrineerBGrineer Health

Invalid Modifier

IconCorpusBCorpus Health

Invalid Modifier

Infestation bInfestados Health

Invalid Modifier

Cloned Flesh Flesh +50% Infested
Ferrite Armor +25% Shield (Ignored) Infested Flesh
Alloy Armor Proto Shield (Ignored)* Fossilized –50%
Machinery –25% Robotic –25% Sinew

 * The codex indicates it does +25% against Proto Shield, but as the damage completely bypasses shields, the vulnerability is meaningless.

Elemental Combinations

Toxin Sources