El Daño de Radiación (Calor + Electricidad), dependiendo del porcentaje de estado reduce la puntería de los enemigos y hace que se ataquen entre ellos, algo similar al caos de nyx.

Bastante eficaz si se aplica en kunai o shuriken

Invalid Damage is one of the six secondary elemental damage types, composed of Invalid and Invalid elements. It is highly effective against the Alloy Armor worn by many high-level Grineer units but is penalized against most Corpus Shields as well as most Infested foes.

This damage can cause the Confusion status effect. Affected enemies target, and can be targeted by, their allies for 12 seconds. It is similar to Nyx's Chaos ability. Passive auras, like those from Eximus units or Ancient Healers, stop affecting other units while their sources are Confused. Enemies that are linked to an Ancient Healer can be inflicted with Confusion, which will cause the Ancient Healer to also be affected by this proc, which, in turn, cuts the link. Invalid procs look similar to Invalid procs, but the color is greenish blue instead.

Against Tenno, the effect lasts for 4 seconds and reduces their weapon accuracy while allowing the player to cause and receive friendly fire. An irradiated Tenno cannot revive fallen allies, including Operatives in Rescue and Sortie Defense missions, even if the process started before the proc, in which case it will be interrupted. Self-damage cannot cause Confusion; however, an irradiated Tenno can inflict Confusion on another ally by attacking them with an ability or weapon that procs Invalid.

Type Effectiveness

IconGrineerBGrineer Health Invalid Modifier IconCorpusBCorpus Health Invalid Modifier Infestation bInfestados Health Invalid Modifier
Cloned Flesh Flesh Infested –50%
Ferrite Armor Shield –25% Infested Flesh
Alloy Armor +75% Proto Shield Fossilized –75%
Machinery Robotic +25% Sinew +50%

Radiation Sources





  • If a player that has a Sentinel equipped with Coolant Leak is affected with Invalid, the player is slowed. The player will continue to be affected until either the Sentinel or the player dies.
  • Some bosses with an invulnerability stage, such as Lieutenant Lech Kril, can be affected by this element. Since they don't attack the Tenno, their invulnerability never ends, thus making the boss fight unbeatable.

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