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Corredor Volátil

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Corredor Volátil
Corredor Volátil.png
Facción IconInfestedOn.pngInfestados
Planetas Venus
Tipo Knockback
Arma Self-Detonation
Carne Infestada 80
Cortante b.png++  Calor b.png++  Gas b.png++  Frío b.png‐‐
Multiplicador Base Head: 2.0x
Experiencia Base 35
Nivel Base 1
Escaneos del Códice 20
Botín Alcance
Munición conmocionante
Golpe rompedor

Volatile Runners are orange colored Infested Crewmen with explosive properties. Volatile Runners will charge the nearest player or objective and detonate themselves after a short delay, dealing damage that scales with level that will stagger the target. They can also throw balls of Infested mass at their enemies that they cannot reach normally.

Visually, a Corredor Volátil is one of the least disfigured of the Infested types, alongside Runners and Leapers, with most of the Crewman's form still intact as well as most of their suit. However, one leg has dissolved completely and replaced with an Infested stump, as well a missing finger on the left hand. Most notably however, is the right arm which was attached to the head and then fused to the body by overgrowth of Infested mass, with a tentacle acting as it's replacement. The Volatile Runner's model is identical to the Leaper's, the only difference being the orange color.


  • If a player cannot escape the blast, they can roll to avoid being staggered, or kill them with a melee weapon to defuse them. Otherwise, firing at them from a distance is most effective.
  • They can throw balls of Infested mass at players that are out of their reach, along with Chargers, Leapers, and Runners.


  • Volatile Runners will explode and stagger on death when killed by most conventional weapons and Warframe abilities, unless they are killed with a melee weapon.
  • They will stagger enemies almost every time, however players are only staggered if they explode behind a player or if they are in the air when they explode.
  • Volatile Runners will still explode if you are in the radius while Shade or Huras Kubrow's cloaking ability is active.
  • Warframe abilities also do not prevent them from exploding when near in most cases.
  • Among the light Infested, Volatile Runners are the least dangerous to defense objectives as the shields on said objectives will often regenerate between Volatile Runner explosions, since each Volatile Runner can only attack once. However, a barrage of explosions can easily keep a Tenno at bay while other enemies attack the objective.
  • When the Volatile Runner's exploding animation starts, it cannot move around and will not do anything until it explodes or dies. Sometimes it will stop before it explodes and reverse the animation, if cloaked and moving out of its range.


  • Volatile Runners used to simply be called Runners prior to Plantilla:Ver.

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