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The Chamuscar mod increases the damage and Probabilidad de estado of a pistol by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at Rank 3.

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Rank Heat Damage Status Chance Coste
0 +15% +15% 4
1 +30% +30% 5
2 +45% +45% 6
3 +60% +60% 7


  • This mod can be acquired as a random end-of-mission reward for a successful Spy 2.0 mission with all 3 Data Vaults hacked.
  • Drop Locations:
  • This mod was acquired by scoring at least 17 points in a single Operación: Caldos de Cultivo node run.



  • Unlike the previous Cicero and Tethra mod sets that depict Warframes already available by the time of the event, the cards from Operación: Caldos de Cultivo depicted Mirage, a Warframe that at the time was yet to be revealed or released.


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