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Ceres is the extreme example of the Grineer's utilitarian ignorance of the natural landscape. Their expanding shipyard operations pollute and shroud the planet in smog and industrial waste as they manufacture machines of war. These foundries are scattered across the Solar System, giving them near-limitless reach with their fleets.

—Ceres Fragment

Ceres is a planet under Grineer control.

Ceres becomes accessible by defeating the Specter in the Convergencia Ceres on Marte after completing the required tasks.

The Assassination Targets for Ceres is Teniente Lech Kril and Capitán Vor they can be found in the mission node Exta. They drop the component Planos for the parts of the warframe Trinity, and also has a higher than average chance to drop Células Orokin.

Most missions on Ceres take place in the Grineer Shipyard tile set, which was first featured in the Operación: La perdición de Tethra event and then implemented permanently in Actualización 13.0. Ceres was also the first planet to have Hijack missions available, introduced in the same event.

Ceres is the only planet to feature the Grineer Shipyard tile sets.

Ceres does not currently have a Tenno Relay.