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Caja de munición allows the Carrier sentinel to convert any unused ammo type into ammo for the currently equipped weapon and provides increased ammunition capacity.

Converted ammo is denoted by a x26px symbol.


Rango Ammo Capacity Mutation Delay Coste
0 +5% +5s 2
1 +10% +4s 3
2 +13 +3.5s 4
3 +15% +3s 5
4 +17% +2.5s 6
5 +25% +2s 7

Ammo conversionEditar

Ammo Type Efficiency
Pistol N/A 25% 100% 100%
Rifle 25% N/A 100% 100%
Shotgun 25% 25% N/A 100%
Sniper 25% 25% 100% N/A


  • Mutation Efficiency is the same for all ranks and equivalent to a Rank 3 Ammo Mutation Mod.
    • The amount of ammo received depends on the equipped weapon and follows the respective mutation mod for the equipped weapon.
    • Other mutation mods stack with this effect, however the mutation delay will always be applied.


  • Ammo Case was added as a replacement mod for Carrier's Vacuum precept, with all copies of Vacuum converted to Ammo Case. However, copies of Vacuum acquired after Revisión: The Vacuum Within 2 will not be converted.

Bugs Editar

  • Due to its mutation delay, sometimes it will consume more than enough ammo pickups in range. Sometimes multiple ammo pickups will be consumed even if you need just 1 bullet.
    • For bows, every shot potentially consumes a lot of ammo pickups within 12m if you have a maxed Vacuum equipped.

Patch HistoryEditar

Revisión: The Vacuum Within 2
  • Changed the Mod image for Ammo Case to better reflect its role.
  • Fixed Ammo Case still applying its buffs after Carrier has died.
  • Fixed Ammo Case refilling ammo on respawn.
  • Fixed Ammo Case refilling ammo on Host Migration.

Revisión: The Vacuum Within 1

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Ammo Case would trigger on a weapon with no ammo (Exalted Blade, etc).

Actualización: The Vacuum Within

  • Carrier’s precept has been automatically changed to Ammo Case - now increases ammunition capacity and converts ammo pickups into ammo for the currently equipped weapon after a short delay.

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